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I think it is time we finally have a comprehensive discussion a most serious topic. Take out options. We have briefly discussed the issue in the Forum Section but most of the options have been pizza delivery. Now, I love pizza but we need to put together a more comprehensive list. Everyone loves and relies on take out from time to time but very few know who deliver to our various neighborhoods. Since we have regular readers from Petworth, Columbia Heights, U St., Mt. Pleasant and elsewhere when you leave your suggestion please say what neighborhood they deliver to (and if possible a phone number). So the Friday Question of the Day is: What are your favorite take out delivery options?

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  • Funny this is coming up, because I was going to ask this same question specifically regarding Chinese carry out in Petworth. I haven’t tried any yet and here is why: There are probably two dozen Chinese carry outs in Petworth, yet whenever I mention any of them to people, they all try to talk me out of it. Has anyone found a place that is (relatively) clean and (relatively) tastey?

    Oh, and we order pizza from Maroni and Brothers for delivery in Petworth. The price seems a little steep, but they are always happy to deliver and are usually there really quick.

  • Tono Sushi is very good:

    Deliver around Park and 11th, I am not sure how far into Petworth they would go.

    And Moroni Bros. is solid (although much better in person for some reason) but you need to order at least 20 dollar minimum.

  • My family and I have used various Chinese food delivery services. It’s not gourmet, fancy Chinese food; you call them when you’re hungry for shrimp fried rice or beef lo mein and don’t want to put on your shoes. They’re alright, deliver and barely speak English. This is Chinese food in the ‘hood, not in NYC Chinatown. As for something better, driving home to Petworth and through Cleveland Park, Nam Viet is used to carry out and will have good Vietnamese food ready for you when you call. Ditto Tono Sushi. Usually all I say is this is Toby and I want my regular sushi order. They keep track of their regular customers and it’s ready in about 20 minutes. More later.

  • As far as Chinese goes, Mr Chen’s Organic in Woodley park actually delivers to us and we’re on the southeastern fringes of Petworth so I assume they deliver to Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. It’s pretty good relative to many of the catchall chinese, sub, pizza combos in our neighborhood.

  • Maroni & Brothers! Maroni & Brothers! Maroni & Brothers! It does feel a little pricey for pizza delivery, but it is so good. Seriously delicious every time. And the delivery has been quick and friendly every time.

  • For Chinese – Fortune Express on 14th and they deliver to Petworth.

    For Pizza – Radius in Mt. Pleasant and they deliver to Petworth. Maroni & Bros is unbelieveably overpriced and their delivery service has been consistnely bad!

  • Is this delivery or take out we are talking about? As far as take out in Mt. P, I would like to recommend Adams Express on Mt. Pleasant street. It is very delicious and completely authentic korean, chinese, Japanese food. The owners are Korean, so I always have gotten that, assuming it is better.

  • Has anyone ever tried Duke’s Seafood on Upshur? I have heard from different places it is pretty good. I will have to give Maroni Bros. a shot. My wife and I typically order from Today’s Pizza, which seems to be a local business.

  • Pizza Mart in Adams Morgan delivers to Columbia Heights — and it rocks — although I recommend the larger or small, cause the extra large, the crust starts to get super thin.

  • Oh — and yes Mr. Chens delivers to Columbia Heights ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I live in Columbia Heights and was able to get delivery from Banana Leaves over in Dupont. Yummy!!!!! A nice change from my usual Peking Garden.

  • So… we’ve done delivery from Banana Leaves before and it was really reasonable and they have tons of stuff to choose from (sushi, thai and chinese). It wasn’t the quickest, but the food was still hot when it arrived at our place in Columbia Heights (13th and Monroe). That would be my recommendation, they seem to have a little of everything.

  • we always order asian, including sushi, for delivery to columbia heights from Spices in cleveland park. although they do take kinda a long time to get there.

  • pauper, Mr. Chen’s delivers to Petworth??!? I would be so thrilled! They are fantastic. So where do you live – in Petworth proper? (north of the metro, east of Georgia Ave?)

  • I know it’s already mentioned on the forum – Duccini’s makes a good pizza, you can order online, and put the whole thing on credit card:

    Speaking of credit cards, are there any Chinese delivery places that let you charge it?

  • Baffetto at 18th and California has great pizza, and I’m a NJ transplant so I know what I’m talking about! For some reason you never hear about it on the “Best Pizza in DC” lists, probably because it isn’t some fancy brick oven pie.

  • Hong Kong on Georgia Ave is consistently good. And they let you charge it.

  • Steve – Duke’s is good.

    Moroni delivery is good. Taqueria Distro Federal (I know that must be spelled incorrectly) delivers.

  • great topic, Prince! fyi, i asked this important question a while back, to the dc concierge, and her response i will link here:

    i would add ‘Radius’ pizza, next to Tonic, in the rich heart of mt pleasant as my favorite pizza.

    also, let me point out that you are lucky to live here now, in an era in which there is decent-to-good pizza in the District. there was a day (the entire 1990s, for example) in which the best slice one could find, I would rate a ‘C-‘….

  • new2ch – Tono delivers??? The one on the corner of Connecticut and Calvert in Woodley Park? That is absolutely our favorite sushi, but I always stop and pick it up because their website doesn’t mention a thing about delivery.

    We’ve sampled a lot of the chinese food around, and our favorite is Peking Express on U Street – the food is good, our orders are generally always correct, and they get to Columbia Heights quickly.

  • Mr Chen’s – organic, fresh and delicious – Chinese delivers as far up as Colorado. It is awesome! and they take credit cards over the phone. I used to love Jyoti (Indian) on 18th Street in AM for carry out when I lived down there, but not sure if they deliver.

  • Yes, Mr. Chen’s delivers to Columbia Heights. Also, Sala Thai on U Street delivers to Columbia Heights.

    D.F. Tacos delivers to Columbia Heights and last time I ordered, it literally took about 7 minutes from hanging up the phone.

  • Radius pizza is awesome! And delivery is pretty quick.

  • PetworthRes, I’m just east of Georgia Ave on Taylor…and I wish Sala Thai on U St. actually followed what they say on the website, which says i’m in delivery range…but when i called a while back, they refused and we’re really rude about it…oh, i’m sorry, we don’t deliver THERE…i’m still a little sore about it

  • Thanks for this infom, friends. If they (Mr. Chen’s)come as far as Colorado, maybe like Elaine Benes, I could meet them there-since I live east of “the avenue.”
    I would, however, also recommend Simon’s-which is on Georgia and Kennedy. It is the best of the places in the ‘hood. I think… Chinese places, I mean. have yet to try Moroni’s.
    Might sound weird, but when I want something better-food-wise, I take the train to City Lights after work, and bring it home…. Sometimes I feel like Lisa Douglas in “Green Acres” (having moved from Dupont to our neck of the woods)… “Oliver? Oliver?”

  • Yup, that Tono delivers, I have ordered twice and each time it was fantastic (and I am a pretty picky sushi eater), very timely, very fresh, and they got the order perfect each time. Two thumbs way up.

  • Duccini’s is terrific; inexpensive, prompt, very good pizza (also — online ordering is a great option). Banana Leaves is quite good, too. North Sea (18th and Columbia) delivers up here; not the best Chinese, but quite inexpensive, reliable, with friendly folks. House of Philly also delivers; their pie is surprisingly good. Not great, but good. Radius…that ain’t pizza. Just horrible.

  • Pepito’s Bakery (Columbia in AM) delivers to us on 13th St. Bit of a language barrier, but some pretty good burritos.

  • The Inn at Little Washington delivers, but it costs a fortune.

  • To Steve and anyone who orders delivery from Moroni:

    1) If you want great pizza, Moroni is the way to go. Price is well worth it, IMHO
    2) It is EVEN better consumed on location straight out of the oven.. really would recommend that or at least pick up so that you minimize time between their oven and your mouth ๐Ÿ™‚
    3) If you do order delivery, bear in mind that at least until recently they did not have thermal bags and what not, so the pizza won’t be terribly hot; recommended trick: heat up your own oven as hot as it gets, and pop in your pizza for a couple of minutes when it arrives (ok, grab a slize even if its not burning hot as you are drooling by now) – hot, delicious and YUMMY!

  • honestly for delivery pizza i go for pizza boli’s. its consistent and not too bad. i’ve been craving papa johns for a basic pizza for a bit…

    i love baffetos but usually just walk in for a slice during work. duccini’s is good too.
    as for moroni and bros, usually either pick it up or eat-in, they are really the best quality pizza in the ‘hood. not cheap, but damn good.

    and for people that said radius, that pizza is beyond horrible. the sauce is blah, and everytime i’ve had it i feel like its overcooked. just not good at all.

  • eh, moroni’s. the one time i ordered from them, they totally screwed the order up. i ordered 2 pizza’s and was charged for 3 – and when i got the 2 pizzas they were the not the ones i ordered. maybe it was a one-time thing…but im kind of not a fan. we’ve been ordering from pizza boli’s on u street for a while. not the best quality pizza, but it gets the job done.
    we’re also ordered from a dani’s chinese place in petworth. the are always timely and delicious.

  • saf – What do you recommend from Dukes…what should one stay away from?

  • Steve – I don’t eat fish. I eat the wings. However, the husband and a number of friends eat fish, and they say that all the fried fish is good. Just choose the flavor you like and go with it.

    Be warned, it’s very big fish.

  • Another Chinese option: Eddie’s! They’re in Woodley Park and deliver to CH. Food is generally fresh, not super greasy, and quick. yummmi. (202) 667-3939.

  • We are on the border of Radius Pizza’s delivery area and decided to give them a second try after a so-so dine in experience and also because Red Rocks does not deliver (yet). I’ve been curious about Washington Pizza on the corner of 14th & Randolph, so we decided to do a taste test comparison between the two pizzas with Radius as our back up in case the other one was awful.

    Washington Pizza is right around the corner, so I don’t think it’s very fair to consider time in this case, but Radius did quote a 1.25 hr delivery time. To their credit, they were a little early. The pizza from both places was roughly the same price and both were the same size, which surprised me.

    Ultimate outcome- everyone thought that the Washington Pizza order was slightly better with the added plus of being closer/quicker. I’d say call Moroni’s or make the trip to Red Rocks though.

  • Duccini’s sucks. They always deliver late and once the driver drove off with our cheese sticks in Jan. We called and they sent him back AFTER another delivery so the cheese sticks were FROZEN. No apologies no new sticks NOTHING.
    Pizza Boli’s on U (we live at 11th and U) ROCKS. Very fast! Never get an order wrong and they get it to us still too hot to eat! It always tastes really fresh. Their chicken parm sub is good too and they will bring soda and ben & jerry’s!

  • City Lights in Dupont delivers to me at New Hampshire/Otis.

  • Am I stupid or did PoP ask for “a more comprehensive list” than pizza forfrigginsake.
    The majority of posts are about pizza. A few mention chinese, sushi…is that it? No other options?

  • we’ve always had amazing service with duccinis! (and believe me, we’ve ordered our fair share). and they too bring soda and ben and jerry’s. as well as subs.

  • abby,
    i like pizza (& subs) hence why i like me some pizza bolis occasionally…
    and don’t mess with many other delivery places so i wrote about i know about.

    don’t mess with chinese much cuz it generally tastes like cooked rat. mmmm, nasty.

  • Do any Ethiopian or Indian places deliver to Petworth? I’m cravin.

  • Leslie, it’s not delivery, but when I’m really craving Indian, I order some lamb vindaloo take out from Indique. If you live somewhat close the Rock Creek, it’s a quick drive.

  • I believe Jyoti on 18th delivers to Mt. Pleasant

  • I didn’t realize the Inn at Little Washington delivered, usually we just pick up. Good to know.

  • The Inn at Little Washington? Isn’t that an hour away and costs around 150 per person? They deliver? Bizarre.

  • Just called Tono to try to get delivery to 10th and Monroe (CH) and they said they stop at 12th and weren’t willing to meet meet me at the corner of 13th (something about not wanting their drivers looking for folks in the street, why bother take my number then?). All in all he was nice about it but I’m still sushi-less and sad about it.

  • Also tried banana leaves and will not deliver to 10th and Monroe.

  • Spices says they don’t deliver past 14th…out of luck.

  • Leslie, try Taste of India. They delivered to us once. Not the best Indian place in the world though.

  • we are all dying for a more comprehensive list than pizza and chinese. But that’s all you can get in Petworth! It’s a food delivery desert. Here’s to hoping when new restaurants open in Columbia Heights they have delivery…

  • Here on Quincy East of New Hampshire. We moved here 4 years ago from Mt Pleasant. Having been regulars at Tono Sushi, they delivered to our new address once, then the next time told us that they were sorry, but couldn’t deliver anymore as we were now out of their service area. We’ve never fully recovered.
    However, we order Thai from Sala Thai on U Street and for a while were ordering Indian from Everest (but, I think it closed, or they just stopped answering the phone for a while).
    I wish Dukem or some other solid Ethiopian delivered, but I can see how that might not work unless they pack all the different items separately.
    If City Lights delivered Chinese here, I’d order it, but a few years ago they didn’t.
    Beating a dead horse, we’ve gotten excellent, friendly delivery from Moroni & Bros..

  • We’ve lived here a while and don’t even think to ask anymore if restaurants that we like deliver to us here in the heart of Petworth. Tono Sushi is a 10 minute drive (with no traffic) through Rock Creek, but they don’t deliver. I bet they’d go to upper Wisconsin Avenue or even AU Park. So we adapt and get take out when we’re on our way home. One reason why we order ghetto Chinese is the guys deliver. It ain’t gourmet, but it comes to my door.

  • I live at 16th & V and I like Simply Home and Thai Tanic for thai… they both deliver. Jyoti for Indian is okay, but I really wish there were more Indian choices!

  • Meiwah is by far the best delivery chinese. They’ve been delivering to Columbia Heights for years.

    Moroni… tastes good enough, just way overpriced, pizzas are cold when they arrive, AND why don’t any of these places (excluding Radius) do a proper 18″-20″ pie??? Enough with the personal sized pizzas!!!

  • Sala Thai and U Sushi deliver up to 2 miles away from U Street. Because they are actually the same restaurant, you can mix the thai and sushi menus. Very fast and convenient.

  • NEWS FLASH!!!!! Apparently QUICK PITA in Georgetown WILL deliver to Petworth for a mere $3.00 delivery charge. I have not yet attempted this, but the people at the store said, “No problem, $3 bucks.”

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