Freakiest Sales Pitch Ever

IMG_7160, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Walking down 14th Street this lady approached me with her “model” selling jewelry and pitching the holistic health store. I was actually in the market for some coral necklaces but the model freaked me out too much. Has anyone else encountered this sales pitch? Dang, just looking at the photo it freaks me out.

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  • Dang. Barbie’s seen some hard times.

  • i saw her on saturday and took her picture too! was thinking to send it to ya but figured it was no where near Petworth so wouldn’t “qualify”.
    glad you saw it too and decided to share!

    but yeah, completely weird and creepy…even more so form across the street, from there you really just see a woman holding a head!

  • Wow.. what would be even freakier if the doll and the real woman looked alike.. 🙂

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