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  • wowie, i saw those and had to pass…

  • They aren’t that bad. I used to eat them a lot when I lived in California. I think the Juice Bar that I worked at used to carry them. Although, in general, they were pretty ubiquitous.

  • Life is too short to eat foods that “aren’t that bad.”

    This is kind of exemplifies my nutritional soap box–why can’t people just understand that in most cases, “real” food is the ultimate health food? And that sometimes, you have to devote more than .0009% of your day’s time and energy to nourishing your body? If people are so concerned about health, why not just eat regular old healthy foods instead of a shrink wrapped “Meals-on-the-go”??

    I actually had someone call me and ask me, in all seriousness, for ingredient ideas for a negative calorie muffin. She wanted to invent these, then sell them and make millions. I guess so that people could sit on their butts all day, eating muffins and get skinny and because their bodies were working so hard to digest?? She didn’t see the humor in my suggestion that she just start marketing bark….

    Soylent Green is made of….vegan meals-on-the-go.

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