Does Anyone Really Like These Things

IMG_7157, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These cabbage things are all over DC. You see ’em in white and purple and they are not very pleasing on the eye. So why are these all over the place, just because they can live through winter?

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  • I think the’re cool.

  • My wife hates them. I like them. They bring color to the garden during the winter…and low maintainence!

  • I think they’re great!

  • My horticulture teacher HATED ornamental cabbage. I’ve come to agree with him in general–but if people want to fix up their yards, that support trumps my dislike of the ugly cabbage. Red mulch on the other hand, is never OK.

  • I initially hated ornamental cabbage. I still don’t like it, but it’s less repulsive to me now than when I first moved to DC and saw it (I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used much down south where I’m from).

    aj – I totally agree re: red mulch! I despise the looks of the stuff.

  • I don’t see a problem with them. I’m a big fan of cabbage though (the kind you eat) so perhaps I’m biased…

    In general, I’d be hard pressed to criticize that front yard at all.

  • I love gardening and sort of hate the cabbages, but I still planted some in the fall. It’s just that there’s not much else to pick from. I think the thing is that they have to come out right away in the spring – otherwise they turn into giant ugly stalks.

  • Has anyone seen the cabbage patch with the cabbage patch doll in the middle? I think I remember it’s on T b/t 14th & 15th, closer to 15th.

  • hahaha – I know that garden. You missed the money shot. There is a cabbage patch doll on the other side of the tree.

  • yeah i agree that red mulch is horrible.

  • and chain link fences.

  • I’ll take just about any attempt at beautifying property. Cabbage? So be it.

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