Disturbing Development in U Street Grafitti

IMG_7376, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve been noticing lots of swastikas in the U Street area along 14th Street. This is the third week in a row I’ve spotted swastikas. Normally I’ve seen them on their own. This one about Cuba is just plain bizarre. I guess there a lot of insane people out there.

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  • That is odd. Otto von Bismark is associated with the unification and rise of Imperial Germany, died in 1898, and had nothing to so with Hitler or the Nazis. Perhaps they are referring to Bismarck, North Dakota, or to the WWII-era battleship Bismark, which did have a swastika painted on the deck at some point. In any case, it’s really scummy to put up swastikas in any context!

  • This looks like the work of the same dude who plastered Columbia Heights & 14th Street with hugely long screeds that made very little sense, but had much of that same charming sharpie swastika action. Last year, summer, I started seeing his/her work.

    And while I dig even semi-offensive neighborhood fruit-cakery, this guy just needs to put the markers away and take a nap for a while.

  • Is there another swastika at the bottom of the photo from a prior tag? Looks like it was drawn by the same person.

  • i think it could very well be that whoever does these things is just looking for attention (and obviously gets it), i know it isn’t always the best response, but i’d rather ignore it than bring a lot of attention to it.

  • Solution: Carry a magic marker around, and convert swastikas into tic-tac-toe boards. The message will be even more confusing than the original one, but at least it won’t involve an offensive symbol.

  • Lol.. or, draw so many swastikas that they lose meaning. U know, kinda like having crosses and US flags EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME….

    Hmm. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Again.

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