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  • PoP thank you for getting our messages out there! I think your blog has such a positive impact on the community. You got our messages to the Columbia Heights developer, you got your message to the Washington Water people, and now we have positive feedback about our concerns with the Metro. Even without all this, you still bring us all together as a community and that is really awesome!

  • Sounds like she might by trying to take credit for “

  • Well, the Great Streets program is focusing on lighting and streetscape improvements for Georgia Ave. I hope what Muriel Bowser is referring to is getting additional resources for New Hampshire Ave (where the mugging we were talking about yesterday took place) and other neighborhood streets that get a lot of foot traffic to and from the metro (8th St NW, 7th St NW and others). That would be terrific.

  • And don’t forget the bus riders! A LOT of bus routes start and end near, but not necessarily exactly at that metro station. We like lights too.

  • Thanks Muriel!!

  • Looks like Donatelli will have some good effect on the Petworth metro streetscape too — it was amazing to see they had started the Park Place building

  • PetworthRes, that would be terrific. However, I don’t think its very likely at any scale or soon, given the initial focus on the Great Streets works.

  • And can we please get public trashcans all throough the neighborhood? Small expectations on behavior can make a big difference.

  • No hope of that David. I’ve asked city folks before and they said they can barely maintain those on the bigger streets (e.g. 14th, 16th ). In any case, what kind of pathetic retarded people just throw trash all over the place? Sorry, I am just sick of it and don’t think its a problem of trashcans really.

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