Common Share to Become The Blaguard

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I just noticed the old Common Share space on 18th Street has a new sign – The Blaguard. Anyone know when it is supposed to open? Think they’ll still have $2 pints?

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  • This space was bought by the owner of The Irish Times and he partnered with Martin, the owner of The Angry Inch and Bobby Lew’s Saloon. They were supposed to have been open by now.

  • The Balguard has been open for about a month….stop on in..

  • And no, there are not $2 pints anymore. I went in already, and the whole vibe from Common Share is gone, and I didn’t enjoy it. There wasnt a bar on the second floor and the bartenders took a while… I miss the Common Share.

  • Def not as grungy as Common Share was, but not pretentious either. More like a “regular Irish bar” than a dive with a special character or a college bar or a trendy pub. Was solid enough for a pint or two when I was there about a week ago on a Weds evening…no idea what the weekend is like though.

  • The common share went the way of the dodo for a reason there guys..if you’re looking for $2 beers, try Rhino in should feel at home, as there are as many fights in georgetown, as there used to be in front of the Common Share>>>

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