Columbia Heights Coffee Just Keeps Getting Better

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Now offering Lox! Holy cow. If we could just get some good bagels in this city…

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  • I love bagel lox. Jolt n Bolt on 18th and 17 has a really good one, too. As does Dos Gringos. Now I don’t have to walk as far 🙂

  • whoops, that was supposed to be 18 and T

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  • You can…go to So’s Your Mom on Columbia

  • I agree that So’s Your Mom in Adams Morgan has the best bagels in DC…so where do they get them? I really don’t think they make them themselves. It would be great to find out and see if Columbia Heights coffee or some other place in the neighborhood could carry these bagels…

  • Why can’t we just get a sit-down deli in th ‘hood? I mean, it’s a no-brainer. Breakfast 24/7.

  • Heller’s in Mt. Pleasant has great bagels, too.

  • So’s Your Mom gets their bagels from “Whatsa Bagel”…There used to be one at Cleveland Park, next to the Blockbuster

  • Bagels and Baguettes on Capitol Hill (Mass and…3rd, maybe?) has pretty good bagels, among other things.

  • Freaking great bagels:
    Bagel’s etc.
    P St. NW in between 21 and 22

  • Sometimes I have to travel for good or at least decent bagels. Bagel City, was out in Rockville, has great ET or everything bagels. I used to go out there and stop by Target. NOw at least we have a Target near us, but that doesn’t solve the bagel problem.

  • I second Bagel’s etc.! They have amazing bagels and they might even make them there.

  • I always wanted to like Bagel City, but thought their bagels were always a little dry and hard, and therefore couldn’t. But then again, I’ve been spoiled with Bagel’s etc—likely the best in the city. And I do think they make them there. And their lox are good and fresh. And their bacon is like crispy strips of heaven. And they’re super fast. And and and…

  • there was a show on about bagels the other night. did you know there was a bagel makers union and you could only get in if your father was in it? too funny.

  • Crumbs & Coffee on Columbia Rd. near the Safeway has good bagels. The coffee’s terrible, but the bagels are much better than Heller’s, and almost as good as Whatsa Bagel.

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