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Surely you’ve heard of it. Located at 11th and N. I thought all groceries stores had to be Giant, Whole Foods or Safeway? I wonder how long independent supermarkets will last…or will they go the way of the independent book store? Does it even matter?

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  • maybe I’m being pessimistic, but grocery store markup is so low that I can’t imagine little guys surviving if there are other options available. Especially these days when people’s expectation level for grocery store/food quality are relatively high.

  • The small grocery store in Mount Pleasant (I think it’s the ‘Bestway’?) has been there for at least seven years, but I’d have to guess longer.

  • Bestway was in MtP when I lived there in the late 80s, and it wasn’t new then.

  • There are about 3 food markets in Mt. P currently. They may not be “supermarkets,” but they are regular grocery stores. Usually have good tortillas too.

  • Anyone know anything about Murry’s?

  • There’s another, DC’s Best Supermarket, on U and 15. It may not be entirely accurately named, but for a car-less U St. resident, I really appreciate having it around. It’s always bustling when I go in, so I can’t imagine that they are going to go out of business any time soon. At least I hope not! I’m usually too lazy to make the trip to Logan or Columbia Heights.

  • What do you want to know about Murray’s? It’s locally owned, actually still owned by the son of the founder.

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