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  • It snows in the deserts of Northern New Mexico and Arizona. So I would think yes.

  • The real question is can winter live through cacti… and on that note bring on summer.

  • there’s a house on 18th St in Dupont that I used to walk by all the time that had this same cactus. It looks very sad in winter like it melted, but springs back when the weather warms up.

  • It doesn’t just live through winter, it spends the winter sneaking around underground so that it can pop up in unexpected places in the spring.

    Yes, it took us 8 years (I DID count) to eradicate one of those that was trying to take over our front yard.

  • Yeah- it looks like someone was trying to kill that thing. Otherwise they’re like aloe and can take over if you’re not looking. There’s a yard on Parkwood with so many plants that I get a little freaked out every time I walk past- like the plants are trying to creep out through the fence and absorb passers by. Kind of like The Blob. With thorns…

  • Parkwood Person – no, that’s just how those things look in the winter. To kill ours we had to dig up every little tiny bit of it.

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