Bring It Up High BVRKE

IMG_7401, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

My new favorite statue. What the hell is he doing. Waving? Blessing? It’s really not clear. I prefer to look at it as the good old high five. Profile after the jump.


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  • I believe he’s trying to hail a cab that will take him to Petworth after 11:00pm…

  • Dude, he’s got Bowflex calves. That guy works out.

    As for the base, I had to Google. The full quote: “Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom; and a great empire and little minds go ill together.” Edmund Burke is kind of blowing my mind with the double negative, but I think he’s saying that it’s good to be magnanimous? That’s a nice idea to keep in mind, at these times.

  • back in the day, calves were a sign of strength. gw had amazing calves, that partly why he was ‘elected’.

    all the leaders back then had amazing calves. check it out for yourselves on the ‘internets’, as our latest founding father might say….

    wierd, but true.

  • I don’t know what BVRKE is famous for, but I am digging the way his sexy tights wrinkle around his knees.

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