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They really knew how to make signs back in the day. So what is Lionel Trains? Was it a lock store that also sold trains? This is located on 14th Street a few blocks south of P.

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  • Lionel Trains were/are one of the biggest (and best? personal opinion) model train sets. In the model train arena, they’re the biggest name associated with them. There are still groups, museums, etc. dedicated to it. I remember as a kid having a huge train set in the basement, and my dad and brother would work on it constantly. I wasn’t allowed to, because “trains aren’t toys”

  • The sign is a sad reminder of the fact that there are no longer any train or hobby shops left in the city. There used to be a model railroad & toy train store in Union Station, but it closed several years ago. The closest equivalent I can think of is a hobby store on Rockville Pike in one of those big shopping centers, where they sell trains, radio-controlled airplanes, boats, kites, etc.

  • SouthwestDC

    My dad still has his Lionel train set; we used to set it up every year around Christmastime. Those things were really well built– his are about 50 years old and they still work.

  • My father is a huge collector of Lionel trains. Being born the second of two sons and the third child in the rural south, my father taught my brother how to hunt, fish and work on cars. Instead of teaching those things to me, he took me to model train shows on the weekend. He has entire table layouts and even one that runs around the top of the living room. its pretty amazing, especailly on Christmas morning when he goes all out.

  • You may be interested in the Toy Soldier Shop located just across the street from Frager’s Paint Shop on 11th SE. The shop is located in a row home and is only open when the sign is hanging out front.

  • @Kevin: The model train set era isn’t over. There is a great hardware store in downtown Berkeley, Ca., that has a model and train shop in its basement. Really popular. My cousin Chris is also really into model trains still, he built a whole room in his house for his train set (which I think is N guage). It’s fantastic, only about 50% done. He’s got a guy working on it that has worked on the model train set at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. So they are still out there.

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