Awesome High End Bathroom Renovation


See another finished photo and a before photo after the jump. The owner writes:

– The job required doubling the amount of space of the previous bathroom.

– This is the master bath in my bedroom.

– I found and selected all of the materials. I wanted a Zen experience every morning to start the day off peacefully.

– Petworth resident Carlos Lemos was the contractor.

– Whenever possible, recycled or reclaimed materials were used. The wood 2x4s for the framing were salvaged from a skateboard park. I picked up the tile for the wall off of Craigs List from a woman who bought too much. The custom made vanity is made from salvaged wood that had been in an old country church in Amish country.

– The pebble stones are not salvaged. But they are heated by radiant heating underneath, to warm the feet.

– The shower has a curved wall and bench.

– The sinks are hand hammered in China.



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  • Is there a mirror anywhere in the new bathroom? Are the owners planning to install one above the vanity?

  • Is not having a mirror part of the zen like peaceful experience every morning? I know I am a scary sights in the mornings (well, most of the time, I guess). 😉

    Kudos for using recycled materials. Like the shower a lot (although the thin striped tiles must be a pain in the butt to keep clean) – I am not much into bathtubs.

  • There’s a mirror there now but not when the shot was taken. I bought the mirror used at Community Forklift in Hyattsville, along with some tongue-in-groove used floor boards, made a frame and was about to hang the mirror when my cat knocked it over and broke it. So I got another used mirror but skipped the frame making, it was a pain!

  • Also a nice touch I put in that you can see in one of the shots is that I use metal dragon flies for towel hooks. There are other little metal animals around the place too.

  • yowzaa–Can I hang out in your bathroom? I just have a lousy plexiglass shower stall.

  • Ha! I second the part about the mirror being anti-zen. That is a fantastic bathroom though.

  • i like the pebbles…random silly question – do they hurt your feet after standing in the same spot for extended amount of time?

  • or is the surface pretty flat?

  • I have the same pebbles in my bathroom. (The product is Solistone, btw … and if you buy it, it’s much cheaper to order from Costco than at Home Depot or Expo Design. Your delivery man won’t love you, though, since it’s about 60 lbs per box.) They don’t hurt your feet, but they aren’t entirely even. The pebbles are very smooth, but they vary in thickness by probably 1/8″.

  • I’m soooo jealous of the radiant heating in the floor. Brilliant idea!

  • Actually the pebbles came from California company named Stratastone. They come on 12″ x 12″ sheets. I think I have an extra box – 10 linear feet – if anyone is interested. The guys son exports them from Balli. They are very comfortable on the feet, especially since they are heated. Rachel, there are two sinks in that bathroom, just in case you really want to come by and use it. 🙂

  • Seems like you need to replace that receptacle faceplate with a dark one – or perhaps epoxy some small stones onto it.

  • AngryParakeet – yup I did that, the switch covers are now antique copper.

  • I’m curious – why the emphasis on using salvaged\reclaimed\recycled materials, when the new materials (sinks and tiles) are imported from halfway around the world? Seems like you just offset any environmental benefits from using salvage with the emissions from flying or shipping the new stuff so far.

  • David, do I see a Garnier Fructis bottle poking out from that shower?!? All that work and such a beautiful Zen bathroom and you are using…Garnier Fructis bath products? Come on, man, a shower like this at least deserves some Kerastase!

    (I kid, I kid. The bathroom is awesome!)

  • Aiyo prince,

    As much as I love your site, this is the most bougie thing I’ve seen all week. The sort of thing that yuppies would yack incessantly about over coffee and expensive cheesecake. Egad!!!

  • I ordered the sinks from a US website, not realizing they were coming from China. I wasn’t thrilled about that but sending them back didn’t seem like it would help matters.

  • do you recommend the tile installers? i need to put in a backsplash. but dont know who to trust with the job. i have all the materials, just need the hands….can you add contact info if you liked your crew?

  • i’ll post later, but there is a chinese furnishings importer in MD that can fantastic furnishings for a great price.

    hold on…

    ok, i did the search for you:

    they sell on ebay, and have fantastic stuff for a very reasonable price.

    i have a similar cabinet that i may be using in my bathroom.

    if you drive out to MD, you don’t have to pay shipping, IF you buy from ebay.

    AND, if you go out there, there’s a ton of stuff that they don’t put on ebay….

  • I’ve seen that bathroom in person (hi David!) and it truly is stunning. It fits into the house well, too. The whole place is gorgeous!

  • Thanks for all the kind words.
    The tile guy does incredible work. He grew up two doors down from me on 9th, but he lives now in St. Mary’s Cty, MD so he’s not going to do small jobs here. His name is Donny and his # is 301 785-5630. He’s a perfectionist, which is exactly what you want in that job. Tell him you saw pics of my bath here in Petworth. He’ll certainly remember it! For a small job like a backsplash, I have a tile saw and I’m happy to show you how to use it. I bet you can do it! Ignorance with confidence!

  • thanks david.

  • brightwoodgirl, for tile work (and everything else!!!) I recommend a handywoman named Marina (I’ve forgotten her last name, but her # is 288-0032, and she lives here in Petworth). She did some tile work in our bathroom, and did a good job. (If you wind up doing the backsplash on your own, I’d love to hear your story–we’re thinking about a tile backsplash ourselves, and I’m trying to figure out whether it’s a DIY project or whether we just call Marina back.)

  • glad you all like it.

  • Ha ha. “Ignorance with confidence” — best renovator’s motto ever. I know from experience (or….lack thereof, I guess 🙂

  • A ski instructor told me that – ignorance w/confidence.

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