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  • It was slammed Sunday evening. I didn’t drive, I’m just talking about the inside of the place. It’s already looking a bit run down in some spots — how can that be? But in the electronics section or somewhere, there were all these black scuff marks on the floor.

    I was also very angry to see a ton of trash in the treeboxes outside. I actually had my mother’s voice going through my head for a moment: “See, this is why we can’t have nice things.”

    I’m sure it’ll calm down and get cleaned up, though. But since I have a car and work in Maryland, I think I’ll stick to Targets in the suburbs for now.

  • I drove to it Saturday morning around 11 and traffic was actually pretty light. The store was really not crowded and there were tons of Target employees on hand.

  • I went twice on Saturday. Once at 8AM with a printer ink emergency and again in the afternoon for about 2 hours to look around. Although it looks just like any other target on the inside, it was different because it was in the neighborhood. I saw several people I hadn’t seen in years and generally got a great vibe. It was a mix of all ethnicities represented in CH and DC in general. And everyone was buying- everything. I just kept thinking to myself- didn’t they just say “recession” yesterday? Apparently, everyone in Target missed that announcement. I know it sounds corny but could a Target bring the community together? It was the most integrated experience I’ve had in 10 years living here in U st/CH. I still will go to Cooper’s hardware as much as possible. I would hate it if he lost his business. But I think he’ll be ok. The things I loved the most: seeing the teenagers playing video games in the aisles and the express lanes. I also hope that most of the employees were DC residents. I could go on and on but I think that it will be a positive force for the neighborhood.

  • I went three times: 9am on Saturday, then back again at 11am to return the wrong size shelving I bought and then one more time to pick up a few things yesterday afternoon.

    On Saturday morning, the place was great. It wasn’t too busy and everything was in its right place. Things were a little more hectic closer to lunchtime and yesterday, the place was insane. Moral of the story, if I’m going to Target, I’m going in the morning on the weekends and after work on weekdays.

  • I walked (from 14th and Colorado) yesterday. It was very hectic.. I guess since I am not a chronic shopper, I couldn’t totally understand what the fuss was about. But because (right now at least)the place is so chaotic-I, too, would opt for a suburban Target until -as B.B. King sang, “The Thrill Is Gone.”

  • i walked over on sunday afternoon about 1’ish and is was very busy. great vibe and tons of people from all walks of life. agree with other commenter in that i saw many people re-uniting with old acquaintances. overall – fantastic experience. but there are two things i noticed that could become problematic. 1) customer service – already there were lots of employees goofing off with each other, ignoring customers, or giving attitude. i know i’m not the only one who has found customer service in dc establishments abominable so hopefully this will be nipped in the bud shortly. 2) maintaining order – even though it would be nice, shoppres don’t always put things back where they got them. this led to things being very messy and disorganized. target should have some of the employees dedicated to store appearance/organization, otherwise it’s easily going to become a mess and not a good shopping experience.

  • I walked there twice since it opened. Each time, the crowding wasn’t too bad, and vehicular traffic I observed to be no worse than usual. Nice facility!

  • I went on Sunday night about an hour before it closed. As I don’t drive, I can’t really attest to the traffic, but the inside was still pretty busy even for that time of night. The things that upset me 1)Trash cans immediately upon entering the DCUSA building were overflowing 2)The Target looked trashed already on the inside, stuff on the floor, shelves that weren’t stocked, etc.

    I know they are just getting started, and perhaps they need some time to get their act together, but I really hope they can make the place clean if nothing else.

  • i went sat afternoon….it was crowded inside, but do-able. it was surprisingly quiet inside..i think people were in shock that target was finally open and had their mouths open looking around. i did notice a TON of shopping carts just randomly placed by the first floor elevators/marshalls…kinda messy.

  • I went on Thursday after work and it was crazy. We should have metro’d in.

  • I didn’t go over the weekend but did go twice last week after work. First time just to scope it out, second time to do some actual shopping.

    They definitely seem to have plenty of staff on hand. And the ones I’ve dealt with, if a bit new and therefore a touch out of it, were pleasant. I was not as pleased to see roving packs of teens in there on Friday night, but that was probably mostly the former retail manager in me screaming “OMG, the shrink number is gonna suck here!”

    The layout is a bit odd with clothing on two floors, housewares on two floors, etc. and something about the store just gets me all discombobulated so I can’t remember where the exit is. Also, the area at the top of the escalators is a convenient location for people to gather and hang out which is inconvenient if you’re coming up the escalator with a cart or trying to maneuver your cart on to the down cart escalator.

    But all that being said, I love that I can hop off Metro on the way home from work and then pick up the H8 and take my be-Targeted butt home with ease. Oh, that’s something that I’d recommend to DC USA. Providing a transit map for the locations of various bus stops in the area (since there’s a bunch of one-way streets they aren’t all easy to locate for the person who might be new to the system). I had a woman ask me where on of the other H# buses were, and I was like well I know the eastbound one is down at Irving but I don’t know where the westbound one is.

  • My wife and I went Friday night and I went Saturday afternoon. It was slammed Saturday, but the staff there seemed to be on thier game moving folks through the register.

    A bigger concern is all of the youths who seem to be hanging out there. I observed several young people cruising down isles pusing products on the floor. I hope this does not become a crime magnet. I fear this could be a real problem. It seems like many of the neighborhoods young folks don’t know how to behave in this kind of new environment.

  • It’s just a target. Same homogenization, different location.

  • I forgot to mention that when I was there, one of the cart-escalators was broken/not on. There were a couple of carts just stuck in it. Oh well.

    Positives: I was asked if I needed any help, and there were a lot of staff on hand. Definitely a diverse crowd. Maybe it was just when I went, but I didn’t see rowdy teenagers, but there were a skillion ankle biters around.

    I’ve been in several Targets before, so the two-story layout didn’t throw me. I’ll admit, I’m a Target fan, I don’t care if admitting that diminishes my street hipster Petworth-worthy cred. However, I had never heard of Cooper Hardware until an earlier poster mentioned it; I’ll definitely check that place out, too.

  • It was crowded on Saturday afternoon but the checkout lines were fast and the staff very friendly. I for one am happy that it caused so much excitement and so many people stopping by. I saw a little girl buying a birthday gift for a friend and was reminded that we don’t have a place that is close to buy a toy or trinket for a kid’s birthday party – last one I bought I pieced together at the Rite Aid. It is great to have Target!

  • Not that anyone asked (or cares, for that matter)-but my folks took me to hear RFK speak on that very corner (14th and Park) about a month after Martin Luther King was assassinated. I’ll never forget the vibe…. People clamoring to see/hear Bobby Kennedy the way, oh-people get worked up about Target today… Hmmmm.
    Forgive this digression. My head is full of ghosts.

  • It seems like many of the neighborhoods young folks don

  • I heard Logan Hardware is opening a location opposite Ruby Tuesday’s, where the furniture store used to be. Corner of 14th and Monroe. Can anyone confirm? Cooper’s is ok, but kinda crappy stuff.

  • I went Sunday early afternoon. Pictures on my blog (linked above). It was very busy but the lines moved well. Way better operation than Giant.

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  • The traffic issue will probably have to be dealth with, but as a pedestrian and CH resident, the new feel of the neighborhood is just awesome. So many people walking around on the weekend – it just fees so alive. I agree with these three already posted opinions: the place was packed, the recession was no where near there, and the diversity of shoppers was like a sixth-grade textbook (which is awesome). I’m excited to have it here and I promise to still go to Pfeiffers for all hardware needs.

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  • I went on Sunday. I was so happy I almost cried !!!!

    God Bless Target in CH

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    Hey Reuben – how much of the RFK event do you remember? Do you by any chance have pictures?

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  • Just heard that either the store or some exiting customers were robbed this afternoon.

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