Another Cool Carriage House

IMG_7289, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These structures are fantastic. After the jump check out a close up of the door. Do you think there was a staircase there at some point?

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  • More Carriage houses please. I’m oddly obsessed.

  • Does anyone know if the city allows these to be rented as separate dwellings? I seem to recall an article in either the Post or City Paper about ‘alley living’ and that housing regs here discouraged it heavily. I love the idea & am also oddly obsessed with the idea.

  • I doubt there was a stairwell. More than likely it was a door for people to throw things out of (I am imagining bales of hay…), or else there might have been a pully system attached the the top of the door frame for lifting things up and down.

  • I have a friend who’s livin’ the dream – he inherited one that was carriage house/print shop very close to this one, with a brick alley – I went to a party there and wow. Still has the antique printing presses, he even has an airplane in it! Hell to heat the whole place…

  • I also believe it was a door for hay bales.

    That reminds me of a friend amazed at our friend’s storage cellar in the basement of his Mt Pleasant home. My friend was convinced that this lonely storage room with a metal hatch outside MUST have been used by bootleggers and that’s the only reason you’d have a basement room, blocked off with no windows.

    Apparently he’d never heard of coal heat.

  • that’s a funny story about the coal.

  • Is this on R Street? If so, I looked at the apartment once last year. Was pretty cool.

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