Ah, What Could Have Been

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I love Olson’s book stores. It is great to browse their sales books, usually you can find great deals on interesting books both fiction and non fiction. I was a bit surprised to see this offering, though. I feel like this is a book you’d find at a of library book sales or something like that…

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  • he does post during the day!!!!

  • that’s pretty funny.

    man, i can’t wait until little bush leaves office. i work around the globe, and in most countries i visit, he’s a total joke – if not a threat. most often, he’s both.

    i love olson’s. i was so bummed when they shut down in georgetown. it was very ‘telling’.

    oy vey!

  • They shut down the one in Rosslyn too, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new Olsson’s in the Target shopping extravaganza.

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