Adventures With Squirrels Vol. Two

I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of this. I can only blame it on the fact that I was in the middle of watching the Big Lebowski and I was in a very Dude like state. At any rate I’m just at the scene where Jesus is explaining what he’ll do if a piece gets pulled on him in the semi-finals when I hear a banging on my door. It was a neighbor with a big smile on his face. I should say that today for some reason my car decided that the window will no longer roll up for no particular reason. I think the electric window somehow got off track and now it only rolls up about half way. So my neighbor tells me that a squirrel had just jumped into my car. Argh, I’m destroyed that I didn’t get a photo of this, it was insane. So a squirrel immediately pounced on this opportunity and jumped in the window. The squirrels and I have officially been int a state of war for over five years now so I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

A quick aside, this is another reason our neighborhood is so cool. A squirrel had attacked my car and was running around for not more than 30 seconds when my neighbor noticed it and knocked on my door. That is phenomenal.

So back to the story, sure enough there was a squirrel doing laps around the interior of my car. My neighbor was laughing and I was cursing…and laughing. I mean this squirrel was psycho. It knew what it was doing. It wasn’t even looking for a window to escape from it was just running in circles taunting me. So I open one door and I’m pretty sure at this point I heard the squirrel laugh at me. It just ran to the other side. So I open the passenger door and after exchanging some harsh words, the squirrel finally left. But he didn’t run. He kind of sauntered off, knowing he had won the battle.

So then my awesome neighbor spends about 20 minutes with me trying to help me fix the window. We were unsuccessful but my neighbor’s kindness reminded me of what I love best about living here…despite an unprovoked attack from the gray menace boys.

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  • My sister had a squirrel in her house last week. They thought they had chased it out, but the next morning she started typing and her fingers landed in some nasty goo. The squirrel had used her keyboard as a toilet. She found it under the futon in her office and tried to get it out, but it just taunted her. She finally had to call animal control who couldn’t get it to leave by the usual method – open window and broom – so had to catch it and release it back outside. She also swears that it was just laughing at her!

  • Not to try to top this, but we found a small opposum under our back porch recently. We’re not that close to Rock Creek at all, but there it was. We’ve also seen raccoons in the backyard and the coyote walking down Varnum was the best. Life is never dull in Petworth.

  • Opposums are all around DC. I had one living in my backyard that ended up in my basement and infested it with fleas. I got it out and then had someone trap and relocate it to a wooded areaa in Fairfax. When they opened the trap there wasn’t one, but seven of them in the trap – marsupials as so cool. Sadly though, days later I found an eighth one that got left behind. It was the size of a small kitten. I picked it up with a towel and put it in a box and gave it to a wildlife rescue group. I felt awful that I had separated it from it’s family, but having a colony of opposums in a small DC patio is not so great.

  • i’m right off h street in NE DC. nearish to union station. we have possums in the alley, and man are they feisty! they eat through trash bags, they eat all of the cat’s food, and they basically scare the hell out of the neighborhood cats.

    they look wierd too.

  • Cat food shouldn’t be left outside – the rats really love it!

  • Your story is super funny. I am laughing so hard. Squirrels are insane! They kind of like raccoons in the sense that they are smart and calculating. Hats off to the cool neighbor too!

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