3921 7th Street Finally Getting Renovated

IMG_7736, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Sweet. 3921 and 3917 7th Street have been boarded up forever. But I finally saw some work going on. Soon to be condos perhaps?

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  • Yeah, both of those houses are going to be condos. They started work on them last summer, then abruptly all the work stopped. But they’re back at it now and have made quite a bit of preogress in the last week. I’m excited they’re renovating them, but not so excited when they start their work at 7 am on a Saturday morning.I’m gonna have to invest in earplugs…

  • I hope they are luxury rentals. If they are condos, they are going to be sold dirt cheap…

  • I’m just thankful they’ll be lived in again. Tired of walking by these abandoned properties every day. Smart move would be to add roof decks to these buildings.

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