Wilco Ticket Contest 8th Entry

P1260047, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“This is a photo taken from 13th street next to cardozo high school. I love this spot because of the elevated view of the city, which seems like a rare thing here. Plus its a view of the monument that I’ve rarely seen in many photos. Not the typical tourist shot of the monument from the mall.”

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  • I just drove by that spot for the millioneth time today and thought what an incredible view it is, wouldn’t it be nice to have an 8th floor view of the city, and not from a classroom in icky Cardozo.

  • This is a great spot to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, if beer-addled memory serves…

  • That would have been my entry, had I gotten my act together! Great location.

  • This gets my vote too. I love that view.

  • I like how some of the numbered streets become a steep-enough hill where one can see the sights like that. I tried taking a photo from one of them when I used to live in Petworth (I walked southbound on said street until I got to that dip in the hill), but it never came out as good as this submission did. Kudos to him/her. . .s/he should win the tickets.

  • Agreed, this is a beautiful spot and whenever I walk by it, it grabs my attention. If there was a wider shot you could see the capitol as well.

  • What a gorgeous view. I love this shot. You get my vote!!

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