These Are Going To Be/Could Be Sweet Condos

IMG_7019, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Right? I love the conversion of a church into a condos. The potential is ridiculously good.

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  • that’s been sitting empty for a long time. hope they’re actually doing something. it’s amazing how much empty/unused land still sits in the area between u and florida, 14th and 9th. with the tons of modern construction in there, there’s still room for hundreds more units…

  • That one actually looks like housing, but some of the churches for sale in this country I would be too creeped out to live in because they are way too “churchy”.

  • I live a block from this and I’m pretty sure they’re not turning it into condos….It’s been empty for awhile.

  • I’ve heard they’re making them into condos. If they do, I hope they keep some of the original features.

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