More Political Statements I Don’t Understand

IMG_6849, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Upset the set up. Upset the set up. Yeah, I don’t get it. Wait, wait, is this for voting rights? No, I don’t get it.

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  • It’s not political – it’s just a blog/website of a local DJ [DJ Eurok – he’s great btw, usually spins around Adams Morgan & U st.] I think he had plans to start a record label by the name, but seems like he’s selling t-shirts with the site mostly.

  • TheNeighbor

    If you google it, you find out it is some sort of Hip Hop movement.

  • hey, its your buddy that didn’t like you bitching about the graffiti on the tubman middle school mural… upset the setup ’08

  • Perhaps it’s exhorting us to impede a conspiracy or planned trap from coming into fruition. Whatever…it’s catchy, though. But, it has no place defacing anyone’s mural.

  • Christina – thanks for the link.
    Ontario Roader – thank for the props. The record label is still in full effect
    The Neighbor – it IS a hip hop movement.
    J of the JTL – youre right!
    Mighty me – you’re wrong!
    Thanks for the bump prince of petworth. and the flick.
    Its like the post. if you dont get it, you dont get it. its not for you…

  • haha, i know i’m right. keep doin’ your thing and upsetting the set-up. i like the idea of it…

    and mighty me, just to clear it up “upset the setup” had nothing to do with the graffiti, he just made a comment about it…


  • upset the setup–the element of suprise its a setup

    what no gangstarr fans on this site?

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