Lawn Sculpture of the Day

IMG_6779, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I think this is in Mandarin. If I recall from my summers in Shanghai, I think it says something like “be careful – the toes you step on today, may be attached to the ass you kiss tomorrow.” Or something like that.

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  • Wait a minute, isn’t this house really in Crestwood, as are some of the other cool pictures? Now that’s a neighborhood I wish I could afford to live in. It’s truly the suburbs in the city.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    This is from 16th Street Heights. Or maybe it is officially Crestwood, I thought it was called 16th Street heights though. This is the first picture from there but I’ll have a few more go up throughout the week.

  • I thought you spent your summers in the quad cities (John Deere birdfeeder post)

  • Ha! PoP, you crack me up sometimes. The characters on the vertical stone are hard to make out, but say something about how wonderful the Buddhist scripture or principals are. The horizontal stone essentially says “my whole heart wants to see/meet Buddha”.

  • Looks like a tombstone. Kinda creepy. Are you allowed to bury your beloved relatives in your front yard in DC? Hmm.

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