Great Post in DCMUD on Huge Development Plans for 14th and U

Thanks to the many readers who sent me the link to this post. The article says construction is planned for “2009 with completion in the beginning of 2011“. An excerpt:

GSC also plans 20,000 s.f. of retail on the first floor, doubling the 20,000 s.f. of existing retail in vintage buildings along U Street, which will be incorporated. According to Moore, “People are welcoming this change to the neighborhood. This is a strip that isn’t very attractive right now. We hope to bring an exciting new mixed-use building to the neighborhood, and provide much needed affordable rental apartments.”

Check out the full post here.

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  • of course, that means your taco bell is going to get nuked. who knows if it’ll be able to afford the lease in the replacement building.

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