Crazy Front Yard

IMG_7059, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now, I’ve gone on the record complaining about grassless front yards but this one kind of stops me in my tracks. I become transfixed with that little pond/reflecting pool. What do you think of this front yard?

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  • I love it. Very zen. Also, low maintenance and low consumption of water and fertilizer and those, oddly enough, more environmentally sound.

  • At first I thought it was some sort of beige astroturf/carpeting and I was about to complain, but then I realized it was probably little pebbles. Is that right? In that case it’s pretty nice, although I feel like it could use something else, like a bench or a sculpture. Nevertheless, wouldn’t that standing water attract a lot of mosquitos in the summer?

  • Wouldn’t it be really cool if it were the raked sand (a la zen garden)? Completely impractical of course, but cool.

  • feng SCHWING, baby! feng SCHA-WING!

  • This is on Q St., I believe. We’ve wondered about it every time we walk by. I rather like it, but it’s highly unusual for the neighborhood.

    Beats the heck out of that house on 13th St. near U that simply paved over their front yard with concrete. If you’re not going to do anything with the front of your house, might as well use gravel or something somewhat appealing.

  • In general, I think zero scaping is very cool, especially out west where there is very limited water. However, a few more features would be cool. Does anyone know what exposure it is? If it were to the south, I would imagine the glare of the light colored rocks might be pretty bad.

  • PoP, you want to see the funkiest paved yard ever, run just a bit uptown to Shepherd Park and check out the Jamacia house. You’ll never think a yard in Petworth is strange again, I promise.

  • Farragut st – that’s the one! stumbled across it one day (Shepherd Park has a community yard sale every year, so I was up cruising the neighborhood).

  • transfixing… and yet… out of place.

  • I’m with engineergirl, a little bench would be nice. But I like it. Minimalist chic.

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