An Alley Can Look Like This?

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Holy cow, you could eat off of this alley. I suppose there are no houses facing this alley but this is one damn clean alley. Check out my alley after the jump.

Actually I found another amazingly clean alley that does have houses that back out into it.  So what’s the deal?

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  • Wow, those are impressive — are all of those alleys in Petworth?

    Sometimes I want to go out with a huge bag and clean my own alley. But I know that it’s basically no use; people put their garbage out there for DPW to pick up, and they don’t give a damn if it’s alll nice and tidy in bags, spilling over onto the ground for vermin and the wind to take away, or what. And then there is the illegal dumping. Good times.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Those are the lovely alleys of Mt. Pleasant.

  • TheNeighbor

    After the big community alley clean up last year in my alley, what, the alley stayed clean for a week? If the neither the neighbors or neighborhood care, it will look like nobody cares. Hence the trashy looking alley in the photo.

    When I lived elsewhere in this country homeowners/renters were responsible for 3 feet off the back of their house into the alley. (clean-up, grass/weed removal, etc.) If you didn’t take care of your portion you were fined. Plus the garbage men gave a shit too, not like the can kicking, trash dropping, lid breaking dudes the work here.

  • I have seen the city re-do several alleys like this around Dupont and Logan (i.e., see the alley between Whole Foods and Logan Hardware). How does the District decide which alleys get re-done with bricks???

  • PoP –

    Go to the DC Government’s Website at

    Then click on “Make a New Service Request”
    Then click on “Alley Cleaning” or “Alley Repair”.

    Fill in the info as detailed as you can and hopefully they will come and repair the alley. There are 2 other neighbors whose houses border that alley that have put in requests.

  • I’m confused…what would they be repairing?

  • Very cool — my wife and I used to live off of the alley in the top photo. Very clean, indeed, and beautiful in the summer when the trees bloom around it.

    It’s actually more attractive than PoP’s photo depicts — it splits in two at the end and one spur leads to a dead end which overlooks Rock Creek Park and the Cathedral, and the other spur wends its way to 18th Street.

    Incidentally, it also runs behind one of PoP’s houses of the day:

  • Well, now I know how to get my alley that clean. I’ll just ask everyone on the alley to donate the services of their valet or footman for, say, an hour or two per week, to pick up twigs and thrash any hooligans they find.

    Seriously, did you know that the district will clean graffiti for you? There’s a request form on the web site:,A,1202,Q,634252,dpwNav,%7C31202%7C,.asp

  • I have had the city clean graffiti as Mark mentioned — the job was finished within 2 days of my request. Wow!

    Saturday afternoon, I was out sweeping glass from the alley, and I met a gentleman who was also sweeping the alley. He said that he sweeps it nearly every day, but especially after the trash pickup days. I was so thrilled to meet someone like that!

  • Matt –

    Although they haven’t fulfilled the many requests, repair of an alley would include fixing any depressions in the bricks, potholes, repaving if necessary, etc.

    Cleaning would just include picking up strewn trash and sweeping the alley.

  • Yeah, and I made several alley repair requests about 6 months ago and they have never been addressed. The time-line for their alley cleaning alone is almost 2 weeks or more and inevitably by the time they do clean it, you might as well submit another for 2 weeks in the future when it will look the same again. Frustrating…

  • creepy.

    stop stalking me.

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