Wilco Ticket Contest: Fourth Submission

backyard 2007, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

[Ed note: Winner announced Feb. 20th. There have only been about 8 entries so you still have time to submit your photos and explanations of why it’s your favorite place in DC.]

“Attached is a pic of my back yard. Look at the first which was taken when I bought my house in 2003 and the second which was September last year and you will see why it is one of my favorite places in DC. It was a very long summer.”

Check out the before photo after the jump.

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  • All the big trees got cut down? Sad.

  • Would love to hear about that gate. Is it remotely operated? Does it fold up or to the side? Did some one install it for you or did you do it yourself?

  • Oh and Lazy Cake those were catalpa trees – very messy and generally low quality. If they wanted to secure the drive way with a gate they had to go. Plus they planted several new ones.

  • I’m with Steve — very interested to hear about that gate because my wife and I are thinking of installing one like it…

  • nice bike in the background, i love the sidecar… looking for somethin like that myself.

  • Doesn’t look like that is a gate but instead the overhead garage door without the garage. Very popular in Petworth since you cannot build a new non-attached structure on your property.

  • The Catalpa tree on the right side died the winter after the original photo was taken, it was growing into the chain link fence. The one on the left was hollow and in danger of falling over on the neighbor’s garage. No one in their right mind would ever purposely plant these trees, as Steve says they are very messy. They drop a sap that grows black mold and can damage car paint, drop leaves that will kill grass and seed pods that get stuck in everything. We replaced them with some fast growing shady birch and gum.

    The garage door frame was built by the same carpenters who did the fence, my partner and I. We used the specs of Over Head Door company who installed the door. It can be remotely operated, with an inside button or opened manually. It rolls up like a regular garage door. The biggest challenge was building a roof device to protect the opener, which is our own design, we call it the bird box. This type door was the least expensive option at about $1600 for the door vesus about $8K for the steel roll up kind that some businesses use, I think ours looks more residential as well.

    The bike and truck belonged to neighbors who used to feel free to use our open yard as their personal parking lot.

    I can’t wait for next Spring so we can start enjoying our private yard again. Oh, and we will never build another fence ourselves.

  • Beautiful – looks great and obviously way more functional and secure.

  • Looks great. I’d love to hear about the little shed you built. I’ve been thinking about putting one of those in my yard, too.

  • wow… so much space! that is lovely!

  • That looks awesome.

    Who was the carpenter? I have been trying to find someone to help me do something similar behind my house.

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