Wilco Contest: First Submission

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This contestant declares her favorite spot in DC as:

“I will take the plunge and declare that my favorite place to have a nice lunch is the Taquer

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  • “This contestant”. . .but which one is it? You said the contestant’s female, but there are two females in that photo. I’m guessing the girl in the middle?

    Unless she doesn’t want to be specifically identified, then that’s a different story.

  • I’m in the middle. 🙂

  • that place needs to get a beer license. i’m just sayin.

  • HORCHATA!!!!! Egad and Great SCOTT, i haven’t had that since Tucson, years ago…..and never thought I’d ever see it again, once I came back home. I must get my butt over there…

  • Horchata is sold at most Salvadoran places in DC – they even have it at Moroni Bros. (of great pizza fame).

  • When it first opened I inquired to the owner why they don’t have a liquor license. He said it wasn’t worth the trouble and judging by a recent trip he was right. The place is packed with customers. My husband is from Mexico and it’s his first choice- but when we visited his relatives in Chicago I had an incredible experience with a taqueria (pollo that melted in your mouth. Distrito is close and we will continue to patronize it. Good first entry for the contest.

  • ah, this is the OTHER Susan! I was wondering. hi, from the one not pictured here. This other Susan also loves the tacos!!

  • Oh my, I think i just decided what I’m having for dinner tonight! It’ll be the perfect accompaniment to my Tivo backlog of Ninja Warrior episodes! Domo arigoto Mexico!

  • I have sampled many a horchata in this town and let me tell you – horchatas are not all the same! The horchatas at Distrito Federal are simply the best. I think they make them differently there than at many of the Salvadoran establishments.

  • I know a great deal about the best of Central America, El Salvador, and thought horchata was only from there. Thanks for teaching me something new today, that horchata is also drunk in Mexico and by extension, in US Mexican restaurants. Gotta try Distrito Federal, as I love tacos.

  • i love that place. lots.

  • Oyamel serves up a great horchata cocktail — horchata, coconut liqueur and rum. Served with a cinnamon stick.

  • I love that your “American” experience for your Japanese friend was a visit to a Salvadorean taqueria==that is awesome!

  • what do they have that’s vegetarian?

  • DF’s tacos are good. But I have to admit they’re not soooo much better than El Limeno’s that I’d walk they extra way. Call me lazy, but it’s nice to have a couple of Tecates and tacos 2 blocks from home.

  • It is so wonderful to know that four years of college and four more years of world traveling have turned my little girl Susan into a gourmand!
    As I always say, “Let them eat tacos!”

  • Nothing will ever beet a San Francisco taqueria. I’ve been to Distrito Federal and while good it just wasn’t right. It just doesn’t capture the best Mexican American burrito/taqueria experience that you get in Northern California or San Diego. It’s a good effort I suppose. But not quite there. Don’t make El Salvadorian front, by Salvadorian food. There’s a fantastic place at Spring Road just up 14th from DF — you’ll be much happier.

  • I love this place. The tacos chicharon in salsa verde…mmm mmm mmm. I’m on a diet and I miss it.

  • on the subject of horchata…mexican is way better than salvadoreno…and better than both is from spain — from valencia, where it’s made from a grain called chufa.

  • Ahh…It’s only about 1 min. from my front door.

    Stick to the Tacos though, they are great!

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