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The Express reported today that a new restaurant is opening in the Brightwood neighborhood. The article states: “A new restaurant opening next Tuesday, however, will give Brightwood and adjacent neighborhoods in Ward 4 a gathering place close to home. The place is Meridian Restaurant and Bar, which will be a ground-level anchor for the new Brightwood Lofts.” Read the rest of the article here.

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  • I have not had a chance to go yet, but it looks very classy from the outside. I am very happy about this addition! Food sounds good too!

  • Has anyone heard if the Brightwood Lofts are selling? Even in the best of real estate markets, it seems to me to be an odd location for a “luxury loft” development.

  • I am soooo glad to hear about this. I get my hair cut in the block above the lofts. Not long ago, I noticed this cool looking furniture in the restaurant area…. I wont dwell on the bittersweet joy of living in a city in which a sit down restaurant is news.. Not unlike the grocery store across the river. But there you have it… My hometown.. More metaphorically and structurally Southern than we’d all like to believe.
    Will report in after I check the joint out!

  • p.s. I also noticed (last week) that the sign posted at the sight of the old Curtis Chevrolet lot on Georgia Avenue read “Doggie Day Care”. Was this, along with the seemingly countless condo projects sprouted all over the city, another pre-recession
    w-t dream? Cause as we all know, things have surely tanked!

  • I laughed when I saw this because I thought that restaurant was supposed to open a year ago and i thought the project had died (it also seemed like no one had moved into those lofts…though maybe a few have sold now), but I went to the website and it says it’s opening TODAY Thurs Jan 10 (the express article didn’t say when it would be open – just coming soon). So…I hope it’s good, I’ll check it out.

  • the lofts at brightwood are over halfway sold….i recently went to an open house there and that’s what the realtor said, there’s about 35 units in total or something like that. i was surprised. can’t wait to check out meridian.

  • The restaurant totally fits in the area. We should support any positive development in the neighborhood. Who would have thought 2 years ago that a classy joint would open on GA Ave… Things are def changing for the best!!

  • oh, bwood bandit-i hope you are right about the change!

  • i went to the retaurant and its delish-ee-uss. i cannot even put in words how great the food is, i highly reccomend this place.

  • Very good food, nice atmosphere. The staff is warm and inviting, and the owner and chef really make you feel welcome. the red snapper is the best fish i have ever tasted, and i grew up by the chesapeake bay, so i’ve had a LOT of fish. i reccomend for dessert the chocolate menange a trois and the apple tart. drink suggestions: meridian pomegranate drink. the crab cake is also delicious.

  • I live in the Lofts are there are only 3 units left at this point. There are two actual lofts and a two-bedroom flat left. I think they start at 349K or something like that.

    And the restaurant is loverly and the food is good and reasonably priced. Stop by — they’re even open for brunch and they do take-out.

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