Um, Is This Disrespectful?

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I don’t like to make light of funerals. But permit me this one exception. Isn’t it weird to see a lead funeral car flying a funeral banner and two Redskins flags? Unless the deceased was a huge fan, I’d have to say this is kind of wrong. It’s not like the Redskins flags are soldered on, they clip right off. And it wasn’t even a game day.

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  • perhaps the person who the funeral was for was a huge fan?

  • I’m betting the decedent was a huge fan. When my uncle passed in November, he was laid out with a Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel in the casket because he was a huge Steelers fan. (PoP, props to your fellow Miami of Ohio alumnus Ben Roethlisberger!) There were no Steelers flags flying on the cars in the funeral procession, but if there had been, no one would have been surprised. It’s just who he was. Heck, I’d be thrilled to be laid out in black-n-gold myself.

  • Whenever I die, I’m going to have the Maryland fight song played at my funeral and I defintiely wouldn’t object to some Terp car flags during any procession.

  • I hate those flags, they reduce gas mileage by 3-5%.

  • it’s not disrespectful-dan- it’s dc….

  • It’s not disrispectful – it’s tacky.

  • I’ll be damned if I go out honoring the “life” of something outside of myself (i.e. a bunch of athletes who probably didn’t know I existed). Fly a flag with MY name on it, damnit!

    (..of course this is assuming this person might have been a fan and not someone intricately involved with the organization)

  • Now this is disrespectful:
    I’m guessing this is someone’s pov & not an actual funeral service vehicle 🙂

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