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  • As a purveyor of useless information and antiquated vocabulary you can expect me and my world famous barstool balancing act to make an appearence.

  • Finally an excuse to go check out the new place! I will be there with bells on (and a bourbon and 7 in hand).

  • Just a report, for what it’s worth: We had stopped going to eat at Temperance because the service was so spotty but the other night I really wanted a burger and a beer, so we gave the LGL a try. Happy to report that the burger and garlic fries were top notch and the service was fast and friendly. The Hook & Ladder Brown is not as good as the Wolvers, but I’ll take it!

  • Good to hear the service has improved & they have Hook & Ladder beers on tap. I really like the Backdraft Brown – can’t wait till H&L opens their brewpub in the old Silver Spring firestation on Georgia Ave.

  • By the way, if anybody was wondering….. I just heard that Scott Howell who used to bartend at Temperance Hall is now working at Iota in Arlington!

  • i just became an Iota regular

  • please refer to the bar currently named “looking glass lounge” as temperence hall as that is its true name, even dan still regularly refers to it as that. and thank you for the iota info…

  • For the record, the inaugural trivia night packed the downstairs bar to capacity. It was quite fun– the trivia ranged from global (world rivers) to extremely local (identifying DC Safeway nicknames). First prize was $60 off the winning team’s tab, and the team with the “funniest name” won $15 off. I’m a little concerned about getting a seat next time, but the atmosphere was good and the service showed improvement.

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