This is Going To Be A Sick Renovation

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I’m really digging these Victorian style homes. This one is located at 9th and T I think. How many condos do you think they can fit in here?

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  • this house was mylanta green with black trim a few years ago…was a total wreck. given how long the renovations are taking I suspect it’s not a flip & convert to condos situation. I think they are renovating the whole house for themselves. But then again i think the renovations must have started at least 3 years ago…who knows?

  • yes, they are renovating it for themselves. they’re doing most of the work themselves. it’s taken years and years and years.

  • I believe that this was the house that played Mr Sterling’s house in the very short lived TV show “Mister Sterling.”

    And it’s been a lot longer than 3 years.

  • Yeah, it’s been at least as long as when I first started looking for my first house 5 years ago. But I’ve always been envious. Though having worked on a whole house almost all on my own, I don’t envy the work. It will be worth it though.

  • so you are saying they are not going to wack the roof off and build another level 🙂

  • Any tips on how they stripped the paint from the exterior brick?

  • STUNNING building. I would love to get my hands on this. Although, I am fortunate to live in one of the two remainng single family homes on the 1400 block of Clifton ST. 3 floors, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a 14×26 dining room! Lots of original victorian wood work too! Just needs some time and tlc!

  • i’m with bogfrog.

    how’d they get the paint off?? is that something a normal person can do, or does it require the expertise of magical contractors?

    i’d love to rip the paint of my place and let the brick show through….

  • I bought a house with a friend at 6th & T Sts. in 1999 and the women who own that house were working on it then. Their house has come a long way, but what a long haul it’s been. Until recently the house was a rather ugly color green.

  • My partner and I own this house. We bought it late in 1999 after it had been abandoned and abused for more than 15 years. It was full–floor to ceiling–with junk, and was falling down.

    There is an ugly warehouse-like side addition (not shown) built in the 1950s that doubles the size of the house. When we bought it we thought we’d have to tear down the addition because the “lore” was that it was done illegally on stolen land. Not true, according to the permits and approved drawings in DCRA’s files–which was a blessing and a curse since we now had the same small budget to renovate twice the house we thought we had.

    We did 75% of the work ourselves–and are far from finishing it. It’s a single family home and will have a basement apartment, and a roof deck. The last time we had contractors working, we hired Edgar’s Masonry Restoration to remove the paint (using peel away) and repoint the entire house–facade, side and back; and L&M Roofing to rebuild the built-in gutters and put back the copper downspouts which have since been stolen and/or vandalized. So much for trying to do this renovation the “right way.”

    Every year, we think “this year we will finish it.” So much for that. But this year (or next year), it will be true. Or maybe the year after that. 🙂

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