There Better Be A Pool When The Renovations Are Completed…

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Two years to renovate a CVS? This better be one badass CVS when they are finished. For real, right? Two years? What the addition of a pool or some nice astroturf, maybe some underground parking…what on earth could take two years? I’d be happy with some fast and courteous cashiers…but that may take longer than two years.

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  • that’s the one on the NE corner of 7th and H, right? they’re knocking that whole building down and doing a façadectomy, aren’t they?

  • Um, PoP, which CVS is closed for 2 years?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yep on 7th right in Chinatown.

  • They’re putting in more aisles of uselees–er, seasonal–merchandise so that the employees have more places to go hide when there’s more than 8 customers in line so they won’t have to actually wait on them.

    It takes a long time to come up with new and more creative ways to ignore you.

  • folks – it’s going to be a huge development. click here for photos:

  • maybe they are implementing some dale carnegie training.. so this will be the first cvs store with … drum roll please…. courteous, helpful personnel! can your heart stand even the possibility of same?

  • Well, I hope they still keep that curling irons and hairdryers behind lock and key-along with the Sudafed and nicotine patches- you know, to retain some of their original charm.

  • Maybe they are converting the interior into a grand historic movie theater

  • @poo poo: Thanks for the update. I had heard that a Virgin Mega Store might go in that location, but it looks like that’s off the table. And since Virgin has been closing their stores in all but the most record store happy towns — New York, San Francisco — I doubt they’ll ever come to DC. Oh well.

  • I hope that this includes revamping the Chinese arch. It’s in serious need of a paint job.

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