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I wonder if it was the inspiration for the Spy vs. Spy graphic or vice versa. But what I really wonder is do Neighborhood Watch Areas really exist in DC? I wonder what designates an area as such. While I think it is a very good idea, do you think the signs act as a deterrent to potential criminals?

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  • I have always found great irony in these kinds of signs. Especially the ones that say “Drug Free School Zone”. Sadly, wishful thinking is still wishful thinking. There are no such signs in ACTUAL safe neighborhoods or drug-free schools.

  • Why maybe the signs do serve as a deterrent: do you see drug dealing on the corner of 7th and Upshur? No, because the neighborhood guys have traveled on down the block to 7th and Varnum. Oh, wait. They aren’t dealing drugs on the corner of 7th and Varnum? The guys are just hanging around in all kinds of weather and chatting with cars who stop by the corner for some friendly conversation.

  • The model for the graphic was Homestar Runner. I’m TELLING you…

  • you can search for these signs on ebay, or anywhere on the net. i did, and i found some cool ones that i installed in our alley. you can organize a neighborhood watch as a community, or you can call in MPD which will send an officer out to give an hour training on how to hold a community watch. it generally consists of timed walkthroughs, etc. MPD will also give the group the names and numbers of the local officers to call if something is up. basically, you’re letting gangstas and MPD know that your serious. and from my experience in NE, it works.

  • Excellent. And once the Supreme Court finally respects the right of all citizens to secure the hood against militia, those walk through can be spiced up by some spontaneous shooting.. Yeah, I am being ironic (or trying to be, its late, I am old, give me some slack).

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