The Graffiti of My People

IMG_6479, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I love it. After 3000 years my people can finally graffiti without fear of persecution. I mean 5000 years. And I’m still not condoning it…

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  • I love it!!! Maybe he couldn’t spell gevalt.

  • Are you sure it’s not a revival of some late 80’s, early 90’s ska-punk cry? As much as I too would love to celebrate my people’s rise in the graffiti world, I don’t want to be crushed to find out it’s more of a skinhead cry OY! OY! OY!

  • Oy vey….another schlump making a shamoozle of the neighborhood.

  • Phonetic graffito of the British “Oi!”, the East End version of the foxhunter’s “Hoy!” and sailor’s “Ahoy!” from which we get “Hey!”

    Oy! What a language.

  • the oy = barry farms. so it’s probably someone repping their neighborhood.

    btw- i’m a long time reader, first time poster- keep up the great work!

  • Please explain how that means Barry Farms, that large track of public housing off the Suitland Parkway in Anacostia, for y’all who aren’t from here, or who are too high class to know it.

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