Temperance Hall Vs. Looking Glass Lounge

So Temperance Hall has officially become Looking Glass Lounge. I’ve been to LGL a number of times now and I have to say I’m pretty happy. There hasn’t been a lot of change and I’m super psyched about the Boddington’s on tap. I’m also a huge fan of the ipod that now plays when the juke box is not in use. Eric the bartender, thankfully, has a phenomenal taste in music. I’ve also seen Matt, one of the owners, there a number of times and I think that is a great sign of his commitment to the new bar. So have you guys noticed any changes? What are your thoughts? Have you met some of the new bartenders? Overall would you say the experience is mostly the same, worse or better?

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  • I still miss Scott. I think it was really shitty they fired him. I’m drinking at home more these days.

  • I don’t like going there any more. RIP Temperance.

  • went there once since the change…

    service for food is still painfully slow. i almost walked up to the new owner and said something. not only does it take like an hour for the food to come out, they also only had one girl working the whole upstairs and it was a busy weekend so drink service was slow as well. stupid shit.

    the saving grace was the new bartenders ipod on shuffle. playing all sorts of tunes that i was digging on. i think if the music hadn’t been good i wouldv’e walked out before i got my burger. glad i didn’t cuz it ended up being a really good burger (could’ve been the fact that i had a couple of drinks cuz i was waiting so damn long)

    bring back scott!

  • I don’t care for the name “Looking Glass Lounge,” but other than that, I still like to hang out there. Thank God they still have those garlic fries! Love the goat cheesecake for dessert…has anyone tried the chocolate torte?

  • I’m surprised by all of the Scott fans. I found him to be moody and more than I cared to deal with when I go to a bar to relax.

    At any rate, I think the changes have all gone well. I like being able to see who’s in the place – I like how they took out the large booths. You do go to a bar to see people, ya know?

    The music is an upgrade for sure.

    More beer selection than before too. I liked it before, I like it now. It’s no big deal. I continue to have good luck I guess with service. Food comes pretty fast and has always been tasty. Menu has changed very little, which is a good thing because it’s a nice surprise for bar food and certainly better than Wonderland’s Weiners.

  • do they still have the mini sloppy joes? please let me know!!!

  • Scoot is gone? Great! There goes the rainy cloud. The name though? I still resist.

  • No more hot dogs 🙁

  • I really liked Scott. He is a moody guy, but he always treated me well. His vibe reflected the fact that Temperance is ( was) a neighborhood bar.

    I was at TLG last night for the first time. Service was so slow and unapologetic. They changed the fancy recipe of the grilled cheese to just plain old grilled cheese. Garlic fries still rule though.

    Agree that the music was great. Hearing Tricky is always a delight. I just hope TLG doesn’t turn into the same bridge-and-tunnel crowd that now invades Wonderland.

  • I was a total regular at TH. I am glad Scott is gone, thou. I had heard him mumble “food at the bar” one too many times. I mean, if you don’t want people to eat at the bar, just tell them. Anyway, not a fan of the new staff. Love when Dan is working but the new people from Wonderland are lame and think they know it all. Also have a couple new servers that are beyond horrendous. They are S-L-O-W and like to sit at the bar and text people while their customers are sitting with empty glasses. Really bad service. And they changed the grilled cheese sandwich. It’s now a ‘classic’ grilled cheese and you have to request mustard and tomato – for an extra $1.00. Oh yeah, and don’t request it the “Temperance Hall” way b/c they will look at you all crazy because they are new.

  • Wayan, I am right there with you – “storm cloud” is the perfect way to describe Scott. In a small bar – with only one bartender – that person’s negativity/issues effect everyone and are impossible to ignore. I hated sitting at the bar (b/w him and Touchy McGrabhands at the door) for this reason. But, ya know, it’s right there near home so of course I couldn’t stop going. 🙂 Dan is great! I planned a party – downstairs – with him. Glad he is still in charge. And the TH bartender downstairs…Kellen(?) was a great guy!! Is he still around??

  • I don’t think I can ever go back to Looking Glass, at least not for food. When it was Temperance they had amazing burgers and brunch. It always took a while to get food but the menu was awesome (eggs in a hole, sloppy joe omelets, etc) and the servers were charming. Today was my first experience with the new menu and the food was okay. The grits and garlic fries were as good as ever, but my fritata was lame and expensive. The main issue was that our food took over an hour, even though there were no more than two other tables eating in the place. The waitress also sucked. If I’m going to wait an hour for food, I at least want a full water glass. She entered an order wrong so one person at my table had to wait for her food after everyone else was served. She didn’t know the menu and was reading a paper while we were waiting for drinks. I really want to like this place and I was open minded after hearing about the change in ownership, but my brunch experience today was appalling.

  • i haate the fact the kitchen chaneged the guy wit the long hair was hot an the food was great what happen?

  • Hi anonymous, I appreciate the complament, ain’t nothing really happen and difference of opinion. You should still give the cook a chance he is a rookie in the field of culinary arts everyone can’t be great like me.

  • I was there late last summer (middle of August) and the decore had not changed much since the TH days, which is a good thing. The menu had changed quite a bit though – no more sloppy joes or fish and chips. I was not impressed with the barbecue sandwich I had – it was no match for those sloppy joes. The expanded beer list was a plus though. Overall I’d call the changes a wash – service was never their strong suit and still isn’t.

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