Some More Nice Stained Glass Numbers

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The two things that I wish my house had were some sweet stained glass numbers and a nice vestibule with that fresh tiling that goes half way up. I’m still looking for vestibule pictures, if you have one hook a PoP up! Please.

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  • My cousin-in-law quit making these prior to our house purchase- does anyone know anyone who makes these?

  • Ask at Logan Hardware. For a while they had a postcard of an artist who was making custom stained-glas transom windows.

  • The custom staned glass work done at Cafe St Ex was done locally (and I think it is the artist with the postcard above.) You could ask Mike at St Ex for the reference.

  • Wow- that transom is gorgeous!

    DCr We had one made a few months ago and love it. The artist is named Robin… I forget her last name- and her web site is here:

    She lives NE of Baltimore, and we had to head up there to pick up the finished product, but it was worth the drive.

  • Also– she made our final piece into a three-paned window- so its stained glass sandwiched between two pieces of clear glass and sealed with some sort of gas so that it won’t let moisture in (I’m sure it has a name). Keeps the cold out better, and much easier to clean.

  • Parkwood,

    Do you have an idea of how much she would charge for the above example? I’m looking to add this to my house when I’m finished with other, more necessary home improvements.


  • Something that complex would cost more than ours, which was about $400. To give you an idea of complexity of mine, if you look at her site,under available pattersn, mine is probably a “level” 4. I’d send her a picture of what you like and ask for an estimate.

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