Safeway Representatives To Discuss Plans for New Construction At Petworth Location

From Councilmember Muriel Bowser’s weekly email:

“On Tuesday, February 5, Councilmember Muriel Bowser will host a meeting at 7 PM at the Israel CME Church at 557 Randolph Street NW , to update the community on the status of a number of development projects in the Petworth neighborhood. Representatives from Safeway will be there to present and discuss their plans for construction of a new store at their Petworth location. Other updates will include the Park Place project above the Petworth Metro Station, the Residences at 3910 Georgia Avenue and others. There will be representatives available from all the development teams and DC government agencies. For more information please call Brandon Todd at 202-724-8052.”

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  • I am glad they’re doing something with that pissy-smelling Safeway. When I lived in Petworth, I opted to walk to Tivoli Square Giant to avoid that Safeway. Not all residents have that option of walking though and need something closer by.

    The current Safeway is old, raggedy, and such an inconvenience to Petworth residents.

  • But can you imagine having it shut down during construction? It may not be the prettiest but a lot of people are able to use it without driving to it.

  • NEW SAFEWAY! NEW SAFEWAY! NEW SAFEWAY! It’s like Christmas in January!!!!!

  • TheNeighbor

    While they’re at it maybe they hire an all new staff of nice, pleasent, helpful and happy employees. It would be way better than the miserable “I hate my job and you for shopping here” people they have there now!

  • Hey I’ve found that the Safeway folks are quite pleasant! And the place is fine for cereal, canned goods, and basic staples. Also, many products are literally half of what they cost at the Giant. I’d stay away from the meat, though…

  • I’ll agree with Alex, the Safeway staff is substantially better than the staff at the Giant on Park. I hope they manage to hang on to their employees if/when they close for renovations.

  • A.K.A. the Un-Safeway.

  • i usually go up to the piney branch safeway (the one with the starbucks), but the times i stop by georgia i find the staff to be great–way friendlier than any other store i’ve shopped at. the produce is surprisingly not bad there either, esp compared to the giant. i’d love to see a new safeway, though in reality the products all come from the same warehouse.

  • I think the Safeway at Georgia Ave & Randolph is fine for the basics/staples, and I agree that the staff is usually very nice. However, it would be fantastic to have a newer/larger store. The current one is alway so crowded, and sometimes they run out items fairly quickly.

  • I only go to the Georgia Avenue Safeway if I’m in a hurry and need something fast, like for my ice cream fix. The lines are too long and slow moving, yet I’ve found the cashiers civil, even friendly at times. I have NEVER bought meat or fish there and will continue to go to Whole Foods for those items. But an upgraded or remodeled Safeway, bring it on.

  • I am so happy they are redoing that Safeway! I think the amount of sidewalk on side bordering Randoph could be paved for parking and yes, the place does smell. But I will say that most of the employees are ok, it’s just that the lines are so incredibly long! I’ve seriously waited 20 minutes in line to check out one day. And that’s when I had the foresight to time it. I’m sure I’ve waited in excess of 1/2 an hour before.

  • fantastic news, I was wondering when Safeway would wake up do something about that store!

  • I have to say, this just proves what I have always believe – Safeway is a bunch of racist pigs.

    15 years ago, I sat in a community meeting about that store where the regional representative from Safeway said, “Why should we repair the freezers? Why should we spend money on this store? It doesn’t make money. You people keep robbing it. We should just close it.”

    6 years after that, it was still open. Still selling nasty expired food. And all of a sudden, it got a ton better, about 20 minutes after the metrorail station opened. Still pretty bad, but a ton better.

    And now that the neighborhood is richer and whiter, they want to build a nice store. Hmph.

    OK, I’m also not looking forward to going through construction in my backyard again, but overall, I hate Safeway.

    And anon, it would not be a good idea to turn more sidewalk into parking – it’s already hard enough to walk up that way from 10th St.

  • Wow, this is interesting news. I will definitely make a point to try and attend that meeting; I live on Randolph w/n eyeshot of that Safeway. I find the people there quite nice but the odor is so offputting that I only go when I need to grab something quick (and not produce).

  • I moved to Petworth over 2 years ago and I have been calling the corporate office of Safeway to complain almost every time I have to go there. It used to smell horrible and is dimly lit. I would only go there for quick grocery runs (I do all my shopping at the giant at Tivoli).

    I am so glad to hear that Safeway is thinking of revitalizing it. It is about time!

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