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Now, I know many people have either heard of this joint or visited it on 14th St. just north of T St., NW. But I was speaking to a friend the other day who hadn’t heard of it so I thought it deserved a mention for those new to the neighborhood or even DC. It certainly doesn’t look like much on the outside, and I’m always amazed it is still standing every time I walk by, but on the inside it is jam packed with super cool household items. And these items are amazingly eclectic. You can find paintings, tables, mirrors, salt and pepper shakers, sculptures and the list goes on and on. It is like a gigantic flee market crammed into a row house. The coolest thing I saw was a bust of Abraham Lincoln but it’s price of $200 was a little more than I was willing to spend. Sadly, my Lincoln tschoke budget is firmly set at $150. But don’t let that price scare you off there are tons of great finds here. Check out some more photos after the jump.

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  • You know, I’ve been in that place a million times and all my brain sees is “mountain of junk.” Whereas a smarter person with a good eye can come in right behind me and probably pick out a Tiffany lamp. God, I wish I could be that person. Until then, I guess it’s just dumb ol’ Pottery Barn for me. 🙁

  • My wife and I found two great Art Deco chests of drawers there. They guys sold them to us on a two for one deal. Going to R & R is one of our simple weekend pleasures – followed by a bloody across the street at St. Ex.

  • Is NU2U still open on that same block? We picked up a few nice things there for pretty cheap.

  • I bought a couple of chairs there – I love thrift shops, but I agree Ruff N Ready can be overwhelming. To find 2 chairs I basically had to climb over piles of stuff to even see what they had and ask the guys who work there to help me dig out some stuff. But I found a couple of gems. A good alternative that’s one of my favorite stores is GoodWood on U Street – it’s like they went to Ruff N Ready, picked out the good stuff, and cleaned it up. It’s an antique store but not fussy at all…more retro and vintage and they have some very cool stuff.

  • If something is a little pricey, ask for a discount. The guys are willing to bargain. It is a great store.

  • I love this place – I’ve been shopping there since they were on 18th St. I hope they stay around forever.

    Don’t forget to say hi to the store cat (if you can find him) when you’re there!

  • Yep, this place is great – and they definitely will deal with you on the price. I found a complete service for 8 of Noritake china that I got for a song. Love this place!! It can require some effort and vision though 🙂

  • Climbing over the junk is part of the fun! The cat is usually sleeping in a chair near the front door. Beware of the mold in the back room and basement. It can cause quite an allergy attack!

  • We bought a rowhouse back in 2005 and bought ALL our furniture there. The coolest thing about it is you get great quality antique furniture at cheap Ikea prices! there is a lot of junk piled around too, but it isn’t too hard to hind the gems that constantly come in any go out. The prices at times can be a little high for some things, but if you make a lower offer it’s usually accepted. also, there is only a $25 delivery fee.

  • I think NU2U closed over the summer. Couldn’t compete with the big R&R down the street!

  • NU2U closed, but another similar store called Hunted House opened in its spot.

    Ruff & Ready is such an amazing place to spend an hour on the weekend. Go. Soon.

  • My absolute favorite thrift store in the world is Value Village. The one I like best is on University Blvd. in Adelphi, or actually in Lewisdale MD, west of the University of Maryland. I’m a teacher and have managed to get probably 100 books both as supplementary materials and for my own classroom library. I’ve also gotten dozens of hardback and soft cover books for my family, all in excellent or good as new condition. It’s almost an addiction. You can get all kinds of clothes, from scarves, shoes, ties, tee shirts, jackets, jeans, etc. plus kitchen ware, toys and furniture. I even found a cashmere sweater for $2.00. Many of the customers look like they crossed the border last night and are getting warm clothes to work in. They take donations and give receipts for tax purposes, as it supports the National CHildren’s Center.

  • Toby, I’ve always wondered. What IS the National Children’s’ Center?

  • Have been a visitor and shopper of R&R going back to its old days on 18th Street. LOVE the place. Half the fun is climbing and schlepping over stuff to find what is under or behind it. The place is ginormous, what with the cellar and back house. Bill and Mike are dears, and find the most unique stuff.

    Hunted House opened down the block, where NU2U used to be. Nice stuff, but MUCH more trendy and therefore expensive. If you are not in the mood to search out treasures, they’ve done the hard work for you and already searched them out.

  • The best place ever! but you have to be willing to wade through lots of stuff to find the treasures….I’ve been going there since 1980…..BC is always at the door and makes sure the dogs stay in line :)…Bill and Mike are the greatest!

  • Yea, as mentioned earlier DON’T be scared of the prices. As for a deep discount – 25-50% and nice bill will probably help you out. Sometimes I think the prices are intentionally set high for just this reason – so ask away!

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