Red Derby to Have a Sidewalk Cafe Come Springtime!

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Noticed this last night at the Red Derby. That is going to be fly when the weather warms up. Additionally, when talking to one of the owners, he said, if business continues to boom the possibility of a roof deck will become very realistic. Even sweeter!

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  • A roof deck would be amazing.. But the sidewalk is wide so I am thrilled with that alone. The only thing is that sun is going to be brutal unless they put in some good umbrellas..

  • Sweet! I love this place. Sasha and Matt totally rock and I bring friends there at least once every week or so. They take great care of people there.

  • good news — we need more outdoor restaurants/bars/cafes!

  • I like this place.

  • That’s awesome! We seriously have a drought of outdoor cafes and rooftops, both of which make life more livable. Sasha and Dave rock my world.

  • Rubbish. I want to keep as far away as possible from the scum that make up the nighttime population of that neighborhood.

    Sitting outside will encourage them to beg, threaten and harass, like they do to everyone who smokes outside already.

    The sidewalk cafe will only be successful once the scum has been cleared from the streets to make room for honest, ordinary folks.

  • The “scum” will only move with revitalization and new services that attract more foot traffic etc. You can’t just “clear” a neighborhood and then invite the cafes etc. to come in.

  • Scum? Wow. How tacky.

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