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The other day I saw a guy on the metro, in the middle of the day, who was snoring so loudly it surely could wake the dead. Now, the guy obviously had been working very hard and was completely out. But the snoring was so loud and painful it made the sound of fingernails scratching a blackboard sound pleasant. So my question is you can’t wake the guy right? I mean I tried the fake coughing but that was as far as I was willing to go. So what’s the etiquette here?

For those who saw the pregame to the Georgia-Hawaii game: Don’t you think Fran Tarkenton looks exactly like a cast member from Monty Python?

A reader writes: “I was wondering: I have a 27-inch regular television (not high def or anything like that, though it still works perfectly fine, has remote and manual) sitting in the middle of my living room floor, unused. I know that as people move to high-def sets, these TVs aren’t as valuable anymore, but I was wondering if there might be a neighborhood charitable organization that might be willing to accept it. Perhaps for a waiting room, or to hook up to a game system for some kids?” So if you know of a charitable group that needs a tv leave your contact info in the comments and the reader will get in touch with you.

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  • As far as I can figure, when TV goes HD in 2009 anyone without an HDTV, satellite/cable subscription, or a HD convertor will be s.o.l. when the revolution comes. Donating an old analog set would be pointless unless the recipient will only be using it to show VHS/DVD media or for video games. For that you may as wel keep it for yourself.

    Outside of the rare movie rental myself, I very rarely turn my TV on since “Lost” jumped the shark last year.

  • TV is not all going HD. TV is going all digital.


  • The Green Door has residents who are often looking for TVs, radios, clothes, bedding and furniture when they move into their own apartments from transitional housing. They publish a wish list that they email every month or so. It’s a great place.

  • You can also post it on freecycle.org

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  • Donating the set is really nice of you. Even if it’s only for a year, that’s still a year’s more enjoyment someone can get out of it!

  • I second the Freecycle suggestion. Very recently I posted an old tv set there and got a ton of responses.

  • Hi! I’m the potential TV donor — I know about television going all digital, but regular televisions, even if they are not high def, will still work with a converter box. So it’s not pointless to donate! (In case there are other potential donors our there.) Regular televisions will not all instantly stop working in Feb. 2009 or whenever the switch will be made. You just need to get a digital-to-analog set top box for them (and you won’t need cable, either.)

    However, I was thinking that it might go well in a waiting room, or even hooked up to a game system; it still has a great picture, and it shouldn’t go in to trash. I was just looking for a charitable organization who may have need of it, before going other routes. Whatever I do, it’s got to go out of my living room soon, I don’t have room for it and I can’t lift it myself.

  • Couple days ago, Cliff was collecting names of non-profit social service agencies in the area.

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