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  • I’m from LA and good lord there are way too many guys out there with tricked out Civics doing the same. At least on Ventura Boulevard there’s a sign “no cruising”….seems from the 50’s but valid today!

  • Wow. Um, welcome to Petworth and welcome to hip-hop culture. For me, it’s actually a refreshing change from living in Mt Pleasant and constantly hearing cars driving around with El Salvadoran music blasting through the open windows. It just doesn’t bother me anymore unless someone pulls up in front of my house and continues to blare their music (of any kind) while just “chilling”, then I call 311. Or am I now supposed to call 911? Either way, as long as it keeps on going (away) and I’m not losing sleep, live and let live.

  • If trumpets and accordions blaring from a riced-out Honda Civic is wrong, I don’t want to know what’s right. And that goes double for sphincter-collapsing bass coming from an Escalade as it circles the block at 1am looking for a parking spot. Mexican rap FTW!

  • If you’re driving along, blast your music all you want…god knows I do. But I tend to turn it down when I pull up to a traffic light or something like that. Thought is that if I’m moving, it’s only temporary for those around me, but if I stop then passerbys shouldn’t have to listen to my crappy music.

  • Well, I know this whole thing about “good and bad music” is subjective, but I’ve wondered why I’ve never heard anyone blaring, oh, Miles Davis or Verdi from their cars. I think I’d be shocked as all get out if I did…

  • Reuben: seriously! Once I heard someone blasting FREE JAZZ (by Ornette Coleman) out of their car, on an EXTREMELY SWEET and I’m sure, hugely expensive system… It was twelve seconds of stunned bliss. I was halfway tempted to run after the thing, to keep it going…

  • Blasting your music isn’t about the “listening experience,” it’s about getting other people to look at your. And most people that seek attention that way are probably not in the Miles/Verdi fan club 🙂

  • I love people who blare their music… they are expressing themselves in a city that so often goes out of its way to avoid eachother.

  • I’ve often contemplated blasting Air Supply or Barry Manilow out of my car, just to see how may people I would offend!

  • Air Supply and Manilow might actually work for me given the right mood…

  • Perhaps if it encouraged everyone in Petworth into a “Can’t Smile Without You” sing-a-long, we’d be a happier community 😉

  • I love people who blare their music

  • …perhaps, but its all in your dispositon, if you view it as an annoyance it will (and i know this is a suprise) annoy the hell outta you. however, i choose to think of it as the soundtrack to my day, I don’t get to choose the song or the person playing it but i get to react to it in the moment.

    …should you choose to react to it advesely, don’t let the song ruin your mood, you after all are the one letting it go to ruin.

  • Once on the way to work on my bike, I was at the corner of 17th and P street NW and a convertible pulled up and a guy was blasting Ethel Merman “Some People” from Gypsy. It was no shock really but I prefer the Angela Lansbury version (Bette Midler didn’t do badly either in the 1990s TV incarnation).

    I don’t expect a repeat of this event in Petworth yet, but you never know, the way things have been going…..

  • I think it’s stupid and rude – and I wonder if it will only get worse as time goes on as all of these idiots start to lose their hearing due to prolonged exposure to such serious bass, but for the most part, it goes with living in the city. However, when it literally starts shaking the windows in my house, or I can actually feel the bass as if I’m standing in front of a speaker even though I’m inside, or when it’s midnight and they’re sitting in front of my house for more than a few minutes, or when the morons across the street see which of their systems can out-bass the other (also usually at midnight) – then it’s out of line.

    To me, it’s not self-expression. It’s just another indication that a whole lot of people in this city don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and have zero consideration for anyone else. Same with the trash/litter, not picking up their dog’s poop, never using turn signal, not stopping for pedestrians… the list could go on and on.

  • I was blasting Dixie Chicks after a job interview in NYC — a few years ago. It felt great because I had had a stressful day.

  • I hate it when you’re stuck in traffic next to some jackass blasting their music so that it’s louder than the Rammstein playing in my car (at 5 on a scale of 10 on my car’s volume slider).

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