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Or maybe not so random. Have you noticed that the guy handing out the Express at the Petworth Metro has been shirking his duties lately? Now don’t me wrong, I really like him, he’s always been very friendly. I’ve just found over the last week or so he now leaves a stack of papers on the floor near the escalator instead of handing them out. I realize I am being profoundly lazy complaining about having to bend over to pick up a paper but he used to hand them out. Maybe I’m being ridiculous and he is just having an off couple of days? How are the Express guys at Columbia Heights Metro? At my terminal stop they are super nice and the Examiner guy too.

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  • PoP,
    Funny you should mention this… for the last two days I havn’t had the pleasure of my morning metro-ride express. Yesterday I was in a bit of a hurry and couldnt find the guy (he was hangin out down in the metro no papers in sight), Today he was indeed handing them out but as I approached him he recognized a friend and stopped handing them out to chat… no papers by the escalator either. I’m not particularly irked by the situation as I can read the online version at http://www.readexpress.com/index.php and save a lil’ paper waste… As far as I’m concerned the guy can take up unicycling on company time just as long as there is a fresh stack of express by the escalator. However, the inconsistancy is an annoyance that makes the metro seem just that much longer…

  • New guy at the Petworth Metro today – and he was great! Very friendly and handed the paper directly to me.

  • Yeah the new guy seems much better than the old. Again, this is very much a trifling thing, but it’s basically, to me, either have the person actually handing them out, or move the receptacle closer to the entrance to Metro. I worry that the stack of papers are gonna end up in a massive disarray causing some issues at the already oddly cramped metro entrance (seriously who designed that entry way, they need to be shot on sight).

  • Why on earth should you even be apologetic when asking why this man isn’t doing his job? I presume he gets paid to HAND THE PAPERS OUT, not to put them in a pile for people to pick up.

  • CH Metro East entrance employee seems very friendly – I see lots of people reading it every day.

  • You did not ask, but the Express guys at Ft Totten are very diligent!

  • I don’t think it’s a wrong or lazy thing to ask because if I have to bend down to get a paper — especially while wearing mittens or having to also pick up a rock weighting them down — it slows things down and backs up the line. And if there’s one thing Washingtonians love, it’s a smooth seamless commute!

  • The guys at Columbia Heights seem to change out every once in a while, but they all seem very friendly and willing to hand out the papers. No problems here.

  • I agree about the guys at CH. Isaac was great but he disappeared over the holidays. The new guy is super friendly.

  • I have to say the new guy at Petworth is a HUGE step up from the old guy. The old one looked confused all the time, or was talking with someone about a doctors bill that he couldn’t pay – honestly, I must have overheard that conversation at least a dozen times.

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