PoP War on Shoddy Signs Continues

IMG_6478, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Check out this phenomenal sign. It is located right around the corner from where the DC USA Mall is going up. I certainly hope they are able to stay in business…

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  • TheNeighbor

    Okay PoP, in defense of those “flimsy banner” signs.
    I have worked in the sign industry for a bunch of years and in other places (so I am assuming DC is the same) In order to put in a real and perminant sign one has to aquire a permit. Specs have to go to the city and they need to approve what you are planning.
    The owner of the establishment might be waiting on a system that as we all know takes forever.

    With that said…..perminant signs (especially lighted ones) are not that inexpensive and the owners could just be cheap. Maybe some detective work is in order?

  • I’ve got to figure out who this Hermano is!

  • Such a great show. Stupid network execs…

  • Did you try the actual deli? 🙂

  • I love this store, they’ve got all my brands!

  • This place sucks and is a wino liquor store. Lose them and gain a quality of life. I watched a person die on the sidewalk on that block. dead. It was enough to change your mind about funkiness once and for all. some of the people who hang out on the sidewalk there sell heroin. and heroin kills people.

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