Pomegranites in Washington DC?

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So I walked by this tree with some odd hanging fruits that I realized upon closer inspection were pomegranites! Wild. Isn’t that like a Mediterranean fruit? I guess maybe DC is just far south enough for trees like this. Has anyone seen a lemon tree in DC? Or an orange tree? Wait, do oranges grow on trees or bushes? Holy cow, I don’t know where oranges come from…

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  • Trees. Think of orange juice commercials for a visual of an orange grove.

  • I have seen a banana tree once by capitol hill. I don’t remember if it was fruiting or not, but I was super impressed that it could even grow to a decent size.

  • Not sure what exactly they are, but there’s a house at 4th and Randolph that has a small tree (on the Randolph side) that grows what look like mini-oranges. Might be a kumquat tree (though kumquats tend to be more oblong than these), or perhaps some non-edible citrus, but I’m always amused by it when I walk past it.

  • I wonder if the orange shrub could be this one – called “trifoliate orange”. It’s covered in thorns, and grows citrus fruits that look like oranges (I think maybe edible too). Unlike actual orange trees it can live through winters here.


  • pomegranates actually need it to be a little cold to grow. in the mediterranean they only grow in the mountains.

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