Peace in Mt. P

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I took an excursion to Mt. Pleasant this weekend and came upon this apartment building at Park Road and Mt. Pleasant Street. Pretty cool that all the residents agreed to this. How many languages do you recognize?

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  • I saw this too, but dumb me thought it was a clever way of saying ‘Now Leasing’.

  • going by there a few times recently i found it interesting that i didn’t see one written in english. thats kinda cool.

    of course, in reality i can only understand the one in spanish, but once i got that i knew what they all said.

  • Wow, that’d odd – I used to live in that building. What a total slum. When I was there the apartment next to mine was raided by DC Police & guns were found. The hallways reeked of mold & drugs. The property management was working…um… aggressively shall we say, to remove some unwanted tenants. I wonder if it’s improved. And yes, I think all those signs say ‘peace’ in various languages, at least the three in languages I can read.

  • wonderful! we sooooo need it, as the twetysomethings say.

  • I live in this building and have one of the banners on my mini balcony. The building didn’t ask permission from tennants, though I love the idea. Very Mt.P. isn’t it?

  • j of the jtl – I don’t really understand why it would be cool that there isn’t a sign in English. Don’t get me wrong, I think that these signs are great and appreciate the diversity, but why would it be a good thing not to have a sign that’s not in English?

  • I thought these would fall into the “flimsy sign” category, though it is a good message they’re conveying.

    I assume they all say “Peace,” since “Paz” is Spanish for such. In French it’s “Paix.”

  • I first noticed the signs around the holidays and it was so nice to take my daily drive through rock creek and come out of the park to see this building. (After seeing some beuatiful lights on park road going into the park). I wonder how long they’ll keep the signs up?

  • The sign in english was much biger and was to be hund from the roof, but we could not hang it without puting hole in the roof, so we had to let it go. The sings will come down this week

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