Outstanding Graffiti/Art at 14th and T

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Thanks to all who alerted me to the wild graffiti (or do I just call it art?) all around the vacant building at 14th and T. When I walked by I found out that there was a whole list of Performance Week Activities inside inside sponsored by Meat Market Gallery. On Saturday I stumbled upon a screening of “Recognition” by Kathryn Cornelius. It was amazing. I’m not really a super sophisticated performance art connoisseur but even I could appreciate this. Additionally, inside the walls were covered in amazing graffiti/art. I’m not quite sure where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme came from but it is in full effect. I spoke with the owner of meat market gallery and hopefully he will email me about future events so I can alert you beforehand. Did anyone else catch any of the performances/lectures or go to the closing party? Check out lots more photos of the graffiti/art after the jump.


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  • TheNeighbor

    Some of the best graffiti I have ever seen in DC!

  • can you look into the building on New Hampshire and Monroe (pretty sure it’s monroe). It has a rooster over the door and what looks like an asian symbol painted all the boarded up windows. It looks like a club, but there’s no sign and they never seem open, so what is this? Some sort of a front? There’s also always a lot of cops around.
    Any ideas about this?

    Also, noticed that grafitti last night and I was struck by the turtle too. bloody brilliant!

  • Re Anonymous:
    One day I saw balloons hanging outside of the building and some children leaving the building. I think it’s a children’s center but there is something mysterious to me too.

  • gotta chance to talk to a few of the artists,
    the joint is just a “for lease” building i think, they threw that gota have soul event there last year, it was tight. according to a couple of the writers they’re turning it into condos at the end of the summer. just what we need >:( , it would be tite if they left the ninja turtles mural, but i doubt it.
    cert, eon, sime, apoxy, smk, borf, rezist, inca, exist, rei21, are a few names i could reconize.

    that dragon aparently is by a writer named “band” who i saw on the out side wall as well.

    cool stuff! dc needs more!

  • The Provincial Painting piece is OK. The rest is pass

  • I see turtles! I love it!

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