Obama Canvassers Outside the Tivoli in Columbia Heights

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The really funny thing about this encounter was when I explained to her that I run a neighborhood blog she got very excited and asked if I’d thought about endorsing a candidate. Well, Clinton nor Obama nor Edwards will return my phone calls so I’m not yet ready to make an endorsement.

But seriously it would be nice if we heard some of the candidates talk about solutions for problems in our urban areas. I’m not saying they should talk about it as much as the economy or Iraq or, er, Ethanol…but as an urban dweller I appreciate a little pandering, I’m just saying…

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  • Personally, I’m waiting for one of them to acknowledge that DC residents are US citizens who deserve voting rights.

  • Not that I would expect any of the candidates to talk about it much, but Obama seems to me to be the clear choice on urban issues. After all, he worked as a community organizer in Chicago for something like five years, including work related to public housing projects. Also, while his Chicago neighborhood of Kenwood may be more like Kalorama than it is like Petworth, it’s a heck of a lot closer to Petworth than Chappaqua.

    In any case, I’d like to hear a lot more from the candidates about education, and if that’s not an issue that’s pertinent to our immediate surroundings, then I don’t know what is.

  • She had me with the little hearts on her sign.

  • TheNeighbor

    I’m not sure if I like the way either candidate is polarizing the people.
    I hear alot of;
    “I am voting for Obama because I am black and he’s black.” (racial divide)
    “I am voting for Clinton because she is a woman and I am a woman.” (gender divide)
    I’ll be happier when it’s more about “I think this candidate (regardless of race, gender, or whatever) is qualified and strong.”

  • She could convince me of dang near anything!

  • Or “I am voting for Obama because he is so cute!” (heart sign heart sign)

    I am still afraid the Democrats will screw this one up too.. let’s pray to all imaginary figures that it’s at least McCain taking advantage of it (at least his policies make some sense, and the one his promoting on climate change is probably best among the whole lot).

  • When will the WaPo cover the candidates’ platforms instead of the poll numbers, personal backgrounds, sense of style (yes, Robin Givhan was assigned to this task), and bickering?

  • In response to saf, when Fenty endorsed Obama back in July, Obama pledged to fight for full voting rights for the District of Columbia, including full representation in the Senate.

  • McCain is exceptionally weak on economic issues. Which is to say, he is not very literate or conversant in economic issues, and he has admitted as much on the record a number of times. Given that the trajectory of this election is rapidly shifting to the economy, it’s going to be awfully hard for him to sound like a strong leader when he has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Complete sidenote: I’ve become obsessed with watching live videostreams of Democrat campaign appearances, including today’s Obama appearance at American.

    Well, they usually pipe in music to the live feed while you wait for the candidate to make their appearance (before they switch to the mic). Today, Obama is playing the entire Graceland album by Paul Simon. So not only do I get to see Ted Kennedy and Obama on the same stage, but I get to hear You can call me Al. I’m counting today as one of the good ones.

  • I think Mc Cain is going to win because he is about as much “change” as I think this country wants to invest in now. In other words, how can we ( or they, I should say) elect someone who is somewhat different than the current -ah-leader-but who is (how do they say it?) defense-oriented, and most importantly-not going to turn this nation into one with a Bolshevik-based health care system (yes, I am being sarcastic here). And- sorry
    folks who have proclaimed race issues dead as Julius Caesar-he allows folks to be “different” while not having to deal with those sticky gender and or color issues..
    I’ll bet anyone of you a coffee or whatever it is you drink this happens…

  • Lee, bit a few sound bites, did you? 😉

    Reuben, I am afraid (?) you might well be right.

  • G, I don’t want to be right… I really don’t… I hope someone can throw some crow on my porch after Election Day. I’ll sautee it to my heart’s content….

  • GforGood: nah, I’m just an economist. It really concerns me when McCain says things like “I wish interest rates could be zero,” when he doesn’t actually know what that entails, or when he says that decreasing government spending is the best way to achieve short-term economic stimulus. Even if your average voter isn’t going to understand many of the mechanics at work in the economy, I think they’re smart enough not to put too much faith in someone who has publicly stated and demonstrated his ignorance.

    reuben: I’ll be more than happy to take you up on that cup of coffee bet.

  • If McCain wins, we’re doomed.

  • Lee-you are on…..Like i said, i want to be wrong. But America… well….

  • I saw some of them through Mount Pleasant and they came with a big smile and tried to sweet talk me about Obama, nevertheless, as soon as I saw them I asked them: why do you hate me so much? why do you let the corporate media brainwash you into thinking that illegal immigrants (undocumented workers) are the main issue in this country? There is a war in Irak, completely unjustified and a failure in every sense of the word, healthcare in this country is a disaster, and I could go on and on, but no, you blame us for all the ills of this society, or at least – and I think this is worse – you let yourselves be manipulated by the media into making anti-immigration your main issue. That goes for all the candidates out there and their supporters, we are now your scapegoats,that’s cool, but not for much longer.


  • Nestor,

    Have you checked out either of the democrats websites to read about their stands on immigration? I guess not…

  • saf, I heard Clinton on WTOP this morning and she also said she would fight for DC voting rights. I hope if elected she’d do more than her husband did…

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