Now If You’re Going To Extend Your Row House, This is The Way To Do It

IMG_6465, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is an insane extension off of a seemingly normal looking row house from the front. I’m pretty sure it was converted to condos and it does look like it also has a sweet roof deck. But check out the extension after the jump.

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  • I almost bought that house in late 2004. Amazing how different it looked back then. It was a quaint 3 bed place with a really sweet backyard. I do agree that the conversion looks nice.

  • the extension is huge, maybe out of scale with the house, but i have to say it’s got me thinking. I would love a roof deck like this and the addition is amazing. So do you think it cost more than the house??

  • Yep, its a 3 level condo now. The fact that its an end house gives one many more options for designing an extension. The slight shame is that the backyard is gone, but that ‘s normal in a condo and the rooftop deck is sweet (although I am not sure if all of the owners can use it).

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