Not Quite A Porch…

IMG_6635, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

but given the fact that there is no porch this seems like a pretty cool way to cover the doorway. It’s kind of got a modern flavor to it that I actually think works quite nicely in contrast to the old school row house. Do you like this touch?

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  • if you get pissed at a house guest, you can say “walk the plank, matie!”

  • Is that a camera where the owner can spy on whoever is at the door?

  • From the angle of the photo it looks like a dning table fell out of a window and lodged between the house and the tree.

    Bofrog: I think that’s light fixture but a camera would be very cool. Then you could tell if it’s the pizza delivery or Jehovah’s Witnesses without being seen. It’s like screening your calls.

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