No More Brunch at Wonderland…For Winter

I ran into Matt and Donna Rose (owners of Wonderland and Looking Glass Lounge) the other night at LGL and asked them about the status of brunch at Wonderland. It turns out they are going to wait for warmer weather to resume brunch service. According to Matt brunch will resume April 1st, but for the optimists, Rose says the brunch at Wonderland will resume on St. Patrick’s Day in March. But in the meantime you can still get your brunch on at Looking Glass Lounge.

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  • Isn’t it Matt and Rose?

  • Be nice if they, like, put a sign on the door so I wouldn’t have gone back two weeks in a row.

  • what’s with the music there? why is it so loud? or have i just aged in the past month?

  • Loud music?

  • ? what’s up with the looking glass lounge logo, (i guess u call that a logo.), on the front door. it is sooooo non-descript like many bussinesses on georgia ave. it was special and added a level of quality when it was Temperance Hall. (as far as logo’s go) can’t they do better?!!?

  • agree with KingofChic !

  • Maybe the logo was so non-descript, I didn’t even notice it. But on my 2 trips to LGL, I wish TH never left.

    Yes, the food is the same (which is good and bad) and yes, it looks about the same, but somehow the vibe is different. It was too bright inside. There were 3 people working the bar/downstairs in some capacity, but it took 5 minutes to get drinks, we had to ask for menus and then waited another 15 to order. Even though there was maybe 10 customers there, the 3 people were more interested in talking to each other/doing inventory or something.

    The service was curt at best, completely different from Red Derby where they make sure you meet everybody but the cook in the first ten minutes. Not that Scott wasn’t curt, but at least he was funny about it, engaged you in his rudeness and had a personality. As a former bartender, I believe it is not simply your responsibility to water and feed the herd, you need to add something to the experience if you want to build a clientele; at minimum at least act like the customer is not an afterthought. I’ll walk the extra 10 blocks to Red Derby.

    I wonder if this was a topic in some other post….my apologies for the rant.

  • I love Wonderland but my friends and I went for brunch once and it was the Worst Brunch I’ve ever had, EVER!

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